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Shuttle Bus Petition Needed while the Bay Ridge Avenue Station is Closed

While the Bay Ridge Avenue station is closed for repair – story here,...more

Bob Capano Fails at Press Release Politics

Bob Capano tweeted a press release yesterday, January 30th. The press release had Vito Palmeri’s name at the top. As usual, the press release didn’t mention anything the politician is DOING for Bay Ridge ....more

Bob Capano Thinks Bay Ridge Has an Assemblyman

Today I noticed this strange tweet from Bob Capano: ...more

70 Year Old Bay Ridge Woman Attacked in Her Apartment

A 70 year old Bay Ridge woman living on Ovington Avenue was attacked by a 42 year old man, who forcefully entered her apartment. Tough guy, Luis Hernandez beat the elderly lady in her apartment. ...more

Why I Didn’t March…

In my lifetime, I’ve never seen protests get things done. Productive protests for civil rights and the Feminist Movement were before my time. ...more

Petit Oven in Bay Ridge is Closed and for Sale

Petit Oven closed their doors for good. It’s another small business in Bay Ridge that we are sad to see close. The women who owned the small French cusine restaurant...more

Menchaca and Williams Grandstanding

While NY’ers are upset with the results of an election, Carlos Menchaca and Juumane Williams are grandstanding to get media attention. Story here ...more

Bay Ridge Man Committed Suicide

This morning before 10 AM, a 47 year old man jumped from the top of his apartment building on 80th Street off Third Avenue...more

St. Agatha School is Closing

On January 9th, Saint Agatha’s School announced that it was closing its doors for good on June 30, 2017....more

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