The Feathered Nest

I am a wife for 30 plus years, mom of five sons, grandmother to a precious little girl and little boy and an artist! I love creating beautiful things with found objects and sharing all that I do on my blog. 

Where THIS blogger creates!

Oh well, I'm a day late and a dollar short for that party!! But no matter, I feel like having my very own shindig after completing this studio transformation!!! I LOVE IT! ...more

Sweet inspiration and just a little bit of stalling ~

A few wonderful images to inspire you today! Click, save and use... I have a beautiful idea to share below! ...more

Making progress!

When you have as much stuff as I do, ...more

Can you say "utter chaos?"

Well my friends, that's what's going on around here!!! The great thing is that I've decided on all of the major furniture placement but now...I've got to totally weed out what I don't want anymore, the stuff I can sell in my Etsy and then I need to figure out where I will store the rest of my goodies. Please don't laugh...and I'm SO keeping it real here! ...more

Shaking things up around here!

I've been antsy for a change in our home for a while now and I think the time has finally come! It's not a big change but hopefully it will be a good one. I've decided to do away with our guest room, let Noah have the queen bed for his room (which will also serve as a guest room when my mom and dad visit) and then I'm going to reorganize my studio to utilize the guest room space as an ...more

A little work-in-progress!

I've been thinking of creating this sweet doll for a very long time!! I finally started her today by creating aluminum foil forms. I bought the cheapest, thinnest foil I could find too ....more

What to do ~

I have two HUGE bags of beautiful lavender buds..fragrant... just waiting to become sachets. I have so much gorgeous fabric, you know I do, I've shared so many photos here! ...more

Random goodness ~

We had a WONDERFUL Fourth of July weekend around here I so hope you did as well!!! Just a little swimming, cooking out and spending time with our precious family. I don't have too much to blog about but will always re-share something I think that you may love to inspire you! ...more

God Bless America!

Wishing each of sweet friends, a wonderful July 4th ~ I pray you are enjoying the freedom we have because of so many that have served, sacrificed and are still serving our wonderful country we call home. We must always cherish our family and our wonderful country!!! And let us always pray, God bless America!!! ...more

So much inspiration!

You know when I find something great I just HAVE to share it with you, RIGHT? dad and mom love HGTV and ran across this show a while back. Dad told my mom, "You've got to tell Dawn about this, I bet she'll really like it." Then the next Thursday after my mom called to tell me about it they had a marathon and I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! ...more