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DIY gem and mineral chart

One of my biggest hobbies when I was a teenager was collecting rocks and minerals. As a bit of a tomboy,at 14, I was always looking for fossils,setting stones and making my own jewelry. I was so obsessed, I would spend free time combing newly dug up areas under construction around our home, looking for that specimen I didn’t already have ....more

Refresh your room party 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to the Refresh your room party 2016! I am so happy to have you here to show off your renewed spaces! This all about shopping your home and getting over that mid-winter hump and feeling good about where we live ....more

Awesome sunroom decorating ideas

One change that I would love to do to our current home, is add a sunroom. There is something about having that light and brightness that is so appealing. Even though you can use most principals in sunroom decorating ideas that you can a living room, it’s always nice to see them used in real rooms ....more

Refresh your room 2016 linky party Tuesday

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Ordering out family worksheet printable

Hi everyone,This is probably one of the...more

Chicken feeder succulent planter

Over on my blog, Number Fifty-Three, plants tend to be a big part of my décor....more

Quick and easy mini flower bouquet idea

I wanted to share an idea with you for to make a mini flower bouquet a really quick and easy one! I use this idea all of the time to send flowers for my kids teachers, or even as hostess gifts....more

DIY wood blue and white vases

I love the look of expensive blue and white vases. There is something so classic about them. I think almost every one’s grandma has a reproduction some where ....more

Fun miniature hot cocoa cups

Welcome to the the Welcome Winter party ! I wanted to...more