Farewell to Fab50.blogspot.com

I'm done. I've been blogging here for years, and while I've done a lot here that has helped me stay accountable, share great products, and explore the issues surrounding my health and fitness issues, I'm done.I'm not done getting healthier.I'm not done with getting fabulous.But I am done trying to make blogging about it a daily part of my life.You've noticed I've been blogging less and less. ...more

Lauren's Hope Winner's Announcement:

Random.org has selected comment # 3, which was the response of Cheryl Kleinholz to day 3's clue: Day 3 clue:...more

Back to Basics

I had a comment show up in moderation today from an individual who said that this was the first day she could log into my blog and comment. Which I don't totally understand, because spammers have been having a heyday with my blog. I'm not sure where the problem was, because nothing changed until just now, when, to take precautions to try to prevent any issues at all, I stripped my blog template down to the basics ....more

Your chance to win a $50 gift cert from Lauren's Hope:

Going on from Dec 2- 7th:http://fab50.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-great-laurens-hope-scavenger-hunt.htmlGet a new entry (or 3!) every day! ...more

Cooking With Campbells: Mom's Hamburger Casserole

Back in the '60s and '70s, my mom was the casserole queen. She had a number of quick and easy meals, which allowed her to work outside the home, and still get the kids to scouting, music lessons and everything else. ...more

The Great Lauren's Hope Scavenger Hunt Give-Away!

It starts NOW!It's the great Lauren's Hope Scavenger Hunt Give-Away.And you can earn from 1 to 3 entries every day in a drawing for a $50 Lauren's Hope Gift certificate!This is a great opportunity to get medic alert jewelry for yourself or a loved one... a gift of both beauty AND safety for holiday giving.Every morning, early, I'll be posting a clue on THIS BLOG POST.It's your job to go to Lauren's Hope, find the product, and identify it by name, product number, and link to the page on the website where you can buy the product in the comment section here on this post.Once you've done that, you can earn additional entries by posting about this give-away (with a link to this blog post) on FB or Twitter... ...more

Lauren's Hope Review and Give-away Preview.

What I'm wearing today: Lake House bracelet (C364) Oval Filigree tag (015)...more

Making the Right Choices for the Holidays.

Thanksgiving was a beautiful disaster for me. It was wonderful, amazing, fun... and it was dangerous ....more

Healthy Holidays

available today with $5 off with code: SUPERWEEKEND Healthy Holidays Shirts(can be printed on any color or style) ...more

Wrap up your holidays.. in squid?

Today I got notice from Zazzle that they've used one of my designs for wrapping paper. Yes, now you can wrap your presents in Merry Squidmas paper, perfect for the holiday season. Merry Squidmas Gift Wrap by doriddesigns The wapping paper uses the design from my original Merry Squidmas T-shirt ....more