Where I've been

Truth be told the blog is still very quiet. Truth be told...I've been very busy. I've gone places, to teach, to volunteer, and to talk ....more

V and Co: how to make: Bias tape with out a bias tape maker and a fabric banner with the slice precut

Well, with warmer weather flirting with us and promising that it's going to come and stay here for longer than just one day with a high of 50 degrees, and with the arrival of color me happy finally making it to stores, here's a fun little project for you to spruce up your outside parties and celebrations....more

V and Co: I love a challenge wrap up

Well, I'm way late into the game of things...I'm running around 2 months behind on life so naturally I'm going to blog about this fun little challenge...you guessed it 2 months later than the rest of the girls. Remember last november when I did my fall market wrap up? Yeah if you scroll down to the bottom you see that there was this fun group of ladies that "found each other" in front of my ...more

V and Co: Other options for Handmade

So now that Color Me Happy is in stores, so are my newest patterns. :) YAY! If your shop carries Color Me Happy then YAY! ...more

V and Co: Color Me Happy is NOW IN STORES

Color Me Happy is now in stores. I'm Very VERY excited as this is my FAVORITE. No really hands down...fave ....more

V and Co: honorable Jake

Hello! And welcome to my Blog that I seem to ignore these days. If you are new here visiting for the first time from the jolly jabber allow me to introduce myself ....more

V and Co: What chocolate, a diet soda, and a good friend will get you

Well first off isn't Liz awesome? She's even funnier in person. My "shipping department" is pretty cool, and she's also a great friend ....more

Spell it with fabric winner

Thank you all who played along. How far did you get in the alphabet? I saw quite a few on instagram...more

Moda Spell it With Words blog hop sponsored by the letter V

Hello hello! Welcome to my turn to the spell it with fabric blog hop! I'm Very excited to have you! ...more