Overflowing Brain

I'm Katie, a 30 year old wife, physical therapist and mother of one fantastic toddler (Eli) with another boy on the way in the summer of 2014. I write about our lives, from the boring to the slightly less boring and everything in between!

Our Will

After what seemed like the most impossibly long 39 weeks and 6 days, our second son was born. William Louis was born on Friday, August 15, 2014. He was 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 19.5 inches of baby sweetness ....more

Trolling for Safety

Earlier this week, a post popped up on a Facebook group I belong to for child passenger safety technicians. The tech who shared the link was concerned because the post was a review of a car seat, which showed a car seat being used entirely incorrectly. The straps were positioned wrong, the chest clip was too low and worst of all, a child who could not be more than 6 months old was pictured forward facing in the seat ....more

Baby Month!

It’s August 1st, which means that I will officially be having a baby this month (trust me, if he’s over 2 weeks late, I will perform my own c-section before September rolls around). Tomorrow I hit 38 weeks, which means my due date is in 15 days. Which is bananas ....more

Why we’re Voting NO on Proposition 46

If you’re not from California, this post maybe won’t necessarily impact you directly, but it is something important enough and close enough to my heart that I’m going to post it here regardless. I will preface this with the fact that my husband is a physician in California. We’re not hiding that fact, but even if he wasn’t, we would still vote the same way ....more

Let’s Talk About Car Seats: Why Extended Rear Facing is Safest

Child and adult passenger safety has evolved tremendously in the past few decades. We went from no seat belts in cars, no car seats, to car seats that sat in the front seat or didn’t buckle in, to children in the backseat and so on. And today, we have highly complicated and specialized car seats and a lot of research telling us what does and does not work in the car ....more

Things I’ve Learned this Week

You ever have one of those weeks where you just feel like a rookie at everything you do? Because yea, this was one of those. In no particular order, things I learned this week: 1 ....more

Second Verse

I think I have been in a bit of denial about the impending birth of my second child. The first trimester was so long and so slow and I wanted it to go faster and now that I’m at the end, I am trying desperately to find more time. Despite the fact that I’m having another boy, things could not feel more different this time ....more


For months, I’ve referred to Eli as an “easy going” kid. We had our share of struggles the first two years (transitioning out of the Rock n Play and not sleeping through the night top the list in my mind), but for the most part, he has always been pretty mellow. We never once had a sleepless night, when he didn’t get his way he would say “sorry” and cry quietly and all these things made me very hopeful that maybe, just maybe, he was one of those anomalies who wouldn’t go through the “Terrible Twos.” And for the first few weeks of two, it appeared that way ....more

Let’s Talk About Car Seats: How to Install your Seat Correctly

I probably should’ve started with this post since proper harnessing is pretty much irrelevant if your seat isn’t installed correctly, but we’ll just live and learn here. This is long, but it’s not tough to read. I don’t think ....more

May his Memory be a Blessing

There is a Jewish phrase that is used when someone passes away that I was reminded of today. In Hebrew it is zichrono livracha but it translates to “may his/her memory be a blessing.” While my grandfather was a practicing Catholic and probably has never heard this in his life, as soon as I heard it, I knew that it was exactly the right thing for today. My grandfather passed away this afternoon, surrounded by his family ....more