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Cooking 4 all Seasons is a place to find recipes for all times and moods. Every recipe is a tried and tested Recipe, with many Step by Step pictures to help you prepare the same dish at your kitchen with ease. Recipes attempts to be simple, quick for everyday dining.

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Be it the Vegetarianism or about Parenting, Kid Friendly Dishes, or getting healthier or simply Cooking for one. And finally a learning space to unreveal traditional Indian Cuisine. Spice your Life! covers it all.

Cooking Carnival Recap ~ Mega Marathon BM#68

We are at yet another wonderful round up of a Mega Marathon, themed on Cooking Carnival. I had picked up to do One Ingredient, different themes for 5 weeks. My chosen ingredient was Potato ....more

Potato Apple Bread | Apple stuffed Flatbread from Ireland

We are finally on the last day of the series and I simply can't believe that I have reached this day. When I started I was still very skeptical if I will ever complete the series or not. This was the first time I have ever started without anything being done except the list, that was ready a long time ago ....more

Flammekueche a la Spud | Potato Pizza with Rosemary

Next, in the series of flatbread, I have a fusion dish from the Alsace region called the flammekueche (flatbread pizza). The original dish is not a fusion, meaning flammekueche is a thinly rolled bread dough spread with crème fraîche, onion, and bacon and traditionally baked in wood-fired ovens. However, the recipe I referred was a fusion by including spud or the potato ....more

Qistibi | Flatbread stuffed with Potatoes

With just two more to go for Cooking Carnival, I have a new Flatbread from the regions of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Both these regions are federal subjects of the Russian Federation. I seem to have forgotten my geography that I don't even remember ever reading about these regions....more

Romanian Placinta | How to make Romanian Potato Stuffed Flatbread

Next, in the list of Flatbreads, I landed in Romania where I selected to make Placinta. I was inspired when Priya Srinivasa had done this for her Flatbread series and decided I will take the easy route by checking out her space. I have the whole series bookmarked anyways! ....more

Turkish Gozleme | Turkish Flat Bread with Potato and Cheese

We are starting the last week in our Cooking Carnival, the September Mega Marathon. I have been doing Potato as One Ingredient theme all of this month, with each week with a subtheme featuring Potato as the star ingredient. I have done Fries and Chips, Starters, Gravies and Breakfast for the past four weeks ....more

Scottish Tattie Scones | How to make Scottish Tattie Scone

For the last day of Breakfast, I have another one from Scotland. These are called Tattie Scones. I adapted this from here, where the writer writes so eloquently about these buttery scones, mostly made with leftover mashed potatoes ....more

Crisp Rösti Potatoes

Next in the Breakfast series is Rösti or Röschti, a Swiss dish made with grated potatoes and eaten as a breakfast dish. For making Rosti, we need to grate the potatoes as long strips and mix it with grated onions and garlic. Since you have to cook the rosti on a pan over slow heat the grated potatoes stick together and turn crispy ....more

Raggmunk | How to make Swedish Potato Pancakes

Next on the list of Breakfast dishes I have one coming from Sweden! Pancakes are so easy to make and you can quickly get it done when you are in a hurry to make something for the kids. Even then this is a hurried post and I had simply no energy to think on plating this differently ....more