Some days I don't even know...

This morning I found a treasure chest of cryptic (and not so cryptic) notes on my phone. I have no idea what the context was for most of them. Apparently when I'm in tight spot with no one to talk to, I turn to my phone, and as I read the notes, I think my phone has got to be a little annoyed that I'm taking up its valuable time with my loony nonsense ....more

I always say, mocking your children online is the most sincere way of showing affection...

...or something like that. A few weeks ago, I'm sitting at work, minding my own business, when I get this text.... I've learned that at times like these, you can either cry and feel like a parental failure, or laugh and figure, "it is what it is" ....more

Does this thing still work?

Hey, look. My blog is still here. Hmm ....more

The Madness is real y'all

I might be busy, but I'm not dead. I've been fitting in as much basketball as possible, though it's sad how little that has worked out to be this year. On the bright side, if anyone would like to discuss the differences between Locke and Rousseau, I'm your girl ....more

More of the same...

Right, so clearly to the story of my life these days is that I AM A MASTER PROCRASTINATOR!!! I sat down an hour ago to do homework and everything was going fine until I clicked on a Daily Show link, one thing led to another, then BOOM!! An hour gone and nothing to show for it ....more

blabbity blah blah blah...

Once again I should be doing homework, but instead I'm here. I'm SUCH a good procrastinator! I should find a way to make a living putting things off ....more

My gosh you guys, I AM TIRED!!!!!!!!!

I seem to have gotten my holiday mojo back this weekend and I'm actually, for the first time this year, feeling a little bit excited about Christmas. I finished my shopping, sewed 16 pairs of pajamas, and ALL packages to out of state family members have been mailed. I even cooked homemade chicken noodle soup and rolls for dinner last night ....more

The mid-life crisis tour continues...

NOTE~ I found this in my draft folder this morning, I'm not sure why I didn't post it when I wrote it, but I'm posting it now, so there. Anyway, it's a couple of months old, just so you don't go thinking I wrote it yesterday or today even. Although I'm not sure why it matters WHEN I wrote it, just, I guess being an open book and all that jazz....more

A post where I unsuccessfully use a lot of ... and / in an effort to save time.

This is going to have to be quick because I have a million (and one) things to do today, but I'm trying super hard to perfect my procrastination skills, so...tada!! I love/hate the holiday season. Buying crap no one needs and living up to all of the unreasonable exceptions I have for myself, blech! ...more

Hey there!

I was going to write something this morning but then I got distracted by this great story on Kottke about David Sedaris having a garbage truck named after him....more