Wade's World

Hello! My name is Amy, and I'm addicted to blogging! I'm married to Jeremy, Mommy to 7 1/2 year old Jackson and 2 1/2 year old Anderson, own an Irish Setter named Macy, loyal to Auburn, Superfan to Rick and Bubba, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, and know that without Jesus, nothing else matters! I'm obsessed with blogging, wish I was dedicated enough to scrapbook, and good at taking pictures, but bad at getting them printed. If you want to know anything else, just ask!

13 Years Of Mr. and Mrs.

Today is Jeremy and my 13th wedding anniversary! On one hand it seems like we have been married forever (in a good way!), and on the other hand it feels like we just got married. One thing is for sure, I'm still head over heels in love with that cute man of mine, and look forward to many, many more years today ....more

A Three Year Olds View Of A Parade

This past Saturday Jackson rode in the Christmas float for the YMCA, and Anderson and I got to enjoy the parade. We had a wait a good bit for the parade to start, and when Anderson got antsy, I handed over my camera to him so he could take some pictures. He had a blast, even if the pictures turned out hilariously bad! ...more

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I want to wish my Mom a very Happy Birthday today! She is such an amazing mom to Kellyn and I, and we couldn't ask for more. She loves her family to pieces, and our life is sweeter because she is in it! ...more

Thanksgiving At The Lake

Jeremy's parents rented a fantastic house at Lake Martin for us to spend Thanksgiving together. It was a beautiful home with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths right on the lake. It was beautiful! ...more

Happy Thanksgiving!

So this week I'm taking it easy on the blogging (as if I haven't already been doing that lately) and reflecting on what an amazing life I have been blessed with.I have a wonderful and loving family and extended family! I'm blessed with a great husband and two incredible kids!I have a job and coworkers that I love!I have a roof over my head, and everything I could possible need in life!Life is good, and I give God thanks for it all! All in all, I don't have a single thing to complain about ....more

I Can Settle For A Lot, But Toilet Paper Is Non-Negotiable

In the effort of saving money, we have purchased generic products whenever possible for years. For most things, I can't tell a difference, and if I can tell, it doesn't bother me enough to worry about. Generally, I'm not picky about shampoo and cosmetics, and our kids actually prefer the generic brand cereal and oatmeal, BUT, there are some things that I only buy the "real" product ....more

Worst Blogger Ever

I keep thinking I'm going to blog regularly, and this little thing called life gets in the way. Here are a few things that has been happening in our world. Jeremy and I have a new niece! ...more

Living Life

So I've been a little absent around here lately. No reason in particular, just busy with life. Jackson is rocking third grade ....more

Happy Fall, Y'all!

I went with Anderson's preschool class last Friday to the local pumpkin patch. We had such a good time! We got to see tons of pumpkins, hear stories about pumpkins, take a hayride, see the cows in the pasture next door, eat cookies and juice, and Anderson's favorite part, pretend to drive a lawnmower ....more

The Inaugural Rides

Mom, Jackson and I took our new kayaks out for our inaugural rides on Sunday afternoon and had a blast! Mom and I have the same kayak, and Anderson rode with me. He was so good! ...more