Be Different, Act Normal

As a busy mom of  4 kids, ranging in ages from 1 to 13, I know how fast the days pass and want to make as many special memories with my kids as possible.  I do this through making our house feel like a home, celebrating everyday, and adding as much fun to our routine as possible.  I love holidays, crafts, home decor, and cooking! 

Show & Tell Saturday - 1/31/15

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Show & Tell Saturday - 01/17/14

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Show & Tell Saturday - 01/12/14

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Show and Tell Saturday - 1/3/14

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Show & Tell Saturday - 12/27/14

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Show & Tell Saturday - 12/13/14

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Show & Tell Saturday - 12/6/14

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500+ Fun Ideas for Christmas

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Show & Tell Saturday - 11/22/14

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