Kelly's Korner

Blessed to be a mom to two hilarious little girls & wife to a cute guy who makes me laugh. Passionate about my Saviour, the SEC & Sonic. In that order.

Texas Forever

We had an eventful four day weekend. ...more

Netflix and Roaring Rivers

Summer nights are for staying up late and watching movies and making pallets and snuggling with your siblings. ...more

Sickness, Swimming and Slime

I somehow skipped blogging last week. ...more

Vacation Bible School

One of our biggest weeks each year is Vacation Bible School. ...more

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with my blog friends today for Friday favorites!...more

Babies in your 40's

I had someone message me last week and ask if I had ever blogged about having a baby in my 40's. ...more

I Love Tractors

Years ago I had kind of decided that 10 would be a good age for the girls to get their ears pierced. ...more

From Sea To Shining Sea

Fourth of July is probably my favorite holiday. ...more

Short Hair and Flat Tires

Last week we didn't have anything major on our schedule - ...more


I had wanted to write a Friday Favorites post for today or a post about all the summer fun .... But my heart is just not in it....more