Totally Transparent (Because something should be thin)

Today I am feeling completely uncomfortable and bound as my "fat pants" are practically cutting off circulation (which would be outstanding if only fat would die and fall off, but alas, it doesn't work that way.)I'm mad at myself - a year ago today I was about 30 lbs lighter and feeling great, but as is my idiotic pattern, I moved back on to the upswing of my weight roller coaster. ...more

The Pool of Mom Guilt

I clearly remember the conversation with my friend. ...more


You make me feel like a child againBut never in a good wayYou make me feel hopeless and powerlessI have no will, no voice, no sayThe words that you have spoken...more

Pissed off rant

It's really hard not to be angry lately. There is a heck of a lot wrong in the world. ...more

The Selfie Generation

Ahhh, the selfie. ...more

His Silence

Sometimes the Lord is so quietI'm unable to decipher a soundBased on what I can seeI could wonder if He's even aroundI long for the days He spoke clearlyDirecting each step I should takeWhen I felt so clearly connectedIn every decision I'd makeI once thought His voice an anomalyNot something I even knew could beBut in my heart I then heard a whisperMy God clearly speaking to meI was His sheep and He my ShepherdHis Word promised I'd know His voiceAnd every time I would hear it so clearlyMy heart would greatly rejoiceHe whispered such precious WordsLoved, forgiven, redeemedHe whispered His tender directionsHe'd speak forever or so it seemedBut then sometimes He'd grow quietI'd be uncertain of where I should goSo desperately I would look backOn the things I already knowEvery word of His whispersHad to be taken back to His WordBecause if they didn't line upThen I knew they hadn't been heardIn the early days He spoke oftenDirecting each step of the wayBut the longer we walked togetherSometimes He'd have less to sayWhere He once led step stone by stoneLater it would be a path He's lead me toHe'd say Go that directionThen stand back to see what I'd doWould I let the climb deter me?Would obstacles hold me back?Would I let my fear or dismayPush me completely off track?Sometimes the climb is exhaustingAnd darkness the path will obscureAnd I'll long for His clear directionA word to just reassureBut sometimes the Lord just stays silentOffering no new words along the wayHe just leaves me with the decisionOn this path will I or won't I stay?If I ponder my feet it overwhelms meLooking at the path I long to turn backTrying to peer through the darknessI'm so aware of the wisdom I lackSo many lessons in His silenceAbout my want and my need and my knowBut when I'm too focused on such thingsI might wonder Where did He go?...more

Dear Lord

I feel so... stretched. ...more

Labor and Delivery

I woke up alone early on the morning of February 10th, 1994, and something felt strange; the mattress was damp. ...more

Kudos to all the moms

Kudos to all the moms out there who feel like they've got a great handle on this role in life.I am not one of you. Just this week I lost my cool with one of my kids in a big way... big way.. ....more

Being Jacob's Mom

I was twenty-two years old when I truly decided I was ready to be a mom. ...more