the first day of preschool - as I get ready to register for Kindergarten.

Im about to get up and go figure out how to register River for Kindergarten. So I thought it was only appropriate to share pictures from the boys first day of preschool this year.They already look so much more grown up in such a short time. I love these pictures ....more

hello? Is this thing on?

Freeland pointed out to me the other night that my last update on this little space was in November.Well, a lot has happened since November. Thats crazy.I have about 15 minutes until the babe wakes up so I will write my little heart out until then. Who knows how many times I'll be interrupted in those 15 minutes by other little ones asking for a snack, more milk, a different snack etc.(full disclosure - this ended up taking 3 days to actually finish posting and its not even long or thought provoking.)Im uploading pictures for my own sake that I want to post and have on here (first day of school . ....more

the first day with our new addition ..

Phew, here we are, almost 3 months in with our new little peanut.There is so much to update, so much to remember, so much to share, so much I dont feel like I can share.. and so on. The transition to 4 has been just fine but my "free time" is out the window and gone so its a lot harder to find the time to sit down and write all this out ....more

God writes a good story .. we're officially done and waiting

The other weekend after texting my friend Sarah back and forth all morning after a series of crazy things she responded by saying "God writes a good story" and I laughed.. its so true.The funny thing is I feel like we're just still in the forward and haven't even reached the first chapter.I want to write this out so I can always come back and see it and remember it and most importantly so I can share it with our children .. but I also want to write out this story as it happens to share it with all of you ....more

fear and joy and another sweet word from the Lord

First of all, the giveaway ended and a winner was selected! I'm sooo excited to share:DANIELLE HARTLAND!!! YOU WON!! ...more

pregnant with a promise

This is both the promise the Lord gave us and the reason I will NEVER hear Katy Perry's song the same again in my life. seriously....more

Noonday Collection Fall Launch + a giveaway to celebrate my own personal launch

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the NOONDAY. Isaiah 58:10 This is the heartbeat behind Noonday. This is what my heartbeat has been over the last year ....more

an update on our adoption process

Hi poor neglected blog. Summer is taking over. Its so busy but not busy at the same time ....more

Plum Paper Planner Review + discount code for you!

Its that time of year where I get to order a new planner! Im so excited. I love having all the big things written out in front of me and knowing whats coming ....more

a super big heartfelt thank you and group hug

Friends! First I wanted to make this so fancy and compelling. Picture a title like "when saying yes looks like a no" or you know, something that would pull you all in ....more