It's All About Balance

Single mom of two daughters, in high school and beyond. We've gone from surviving to thriving as a single parent family, happy and whole just as we are.

Knowing What's for Dinner

It's astonishingly easy to find yourself running around like the proverbial chicken. Trying to keep up with work, kids, social life, personal goals, etc. can be daunting with a mere 24 hours in a day ....more

Available Free with Kindle Unlimited!

So proud to announce that my book is now free on Kindle Unlimited! ...more

Financial Update: I bought a car!

My lease was coming to a close, so I decided to take some of the experts' advice and buy - but I do have a car payment, and I'm totally fine with that.I bought a car that I love, love, love. A Toyota Prius Prime: So pretty! The Prime model has a more advanced electric battery that lasts longer and is utilized more often than in the standard Prius ....more

Lin, Hamilton, NY!

This makes me so happy! Lin-Manuel Miranda talked to Morgan Stanley about personal finance!!Not only that, Seth Stewart (from the original Broadway casts of both In The Heights and Hamilton) did an interview for MarketWatch about money, too!!I love Lin's answer about why this topic is so important. He covers almost everything on what that freedom can mean for almost anyone: Why is building a financial foundation critical for pursuing your passions? ...more

My Podcast Feed #TryPod

Some of the podcasts I listen to have been participating in the #TryPod campaign: encouraging listeners to share podcasts. They say share one with one friend/family member, but I don't like to choose so I'm just listing my entire podcast feed.Now, this is a long list but keep in mind, not all of them air a new episode every week so no, I don't listen to 100 hours' worth of podcasts every week!Missing Richard Simmons: I'll be honest, I didn't actually know Richard Simmons was missing until I started hearing about this podcast, and now I'm hooked. It's told with love, but not the rose-colored glasses kind ....more

Balancing your Personal Financial Responsibility

I thoroughly enjoyed Afford Anything's most recent podcast on what they're calling radical responsibility...though it's not as scary as that may sound.As long-time readers know, there were certainly extenuating factors that contributed to my negative net worth and increasing debt obligations.My journey as a single mom began when my girls were not yet 3 and 6 and I had no job, car or home to call my own and bad credit. X was (and is) a drug addict that didn't (and doesn't) pay child support regularly. For reasons not necessary for this blog post, I was not yet a college graduate.After finding a steady job, I went back to school, but to do so, I had to take out student loans ....more

Check Your Balances

A few weeks ago, I logged into one of my credit card accounts and came across a fraud alert that a couple of transactions had been flagged. I called, they weren't mine, I was not charged for any charges that weren't mine (and confirmed those that were), they issued me a new card and all was well.Not two weeks later, I noticed another couple fraudulent charges on another card! Called, confirmed they weren't mine (and which were), and I will not be charged.This hasn't happened to me in years, so I guess it was just a matter of time before I got hit again, but man! ...more

My Money, My Mouth and all that

I think about world events and politics every day. Sometimes, I wish I didn't. I'm not trying to turn this into a political blog, but I did want to talk about how I'm thinking about my personal finances in connection with my personal politics.I simply do not have a lot of money to give ....more

1st Financial Update of 2017

I decided to check out my Net Worth report for 2016. I was beyond thrilled to discover that it's grown by more than $10,000! That doesn't include my 401k, Betterment account or my student loan debt ....more

Self-Care; Unmarried & Single Americans Week

Yes, it's that time of year again! And this article has some fascinating facts and figures that make me believe every year, more and more will be celebrating.To kick this off, I want to start by addressing those who may not be single by choice, or wouldn't call themselves happily single.For whatever reason, you're single at this moment, and this is your life right now so embrace it. Here are some ideas on how to take care of you.Take time to do what you love ....more