Merry Christmas!

This is our happy group of knitters at the Redwoods in Mill Valley. We are so lucky to be involved with Sara Oliver and her handbags. She comes every Thursday for 2 hours, inspects the results of our knitting and doles out yarn ....more

Roosevelt Season

Now that there is so much talk about the Roosevelts, I want to share my time with Franklin D. Roosevelt. I have mentioned before that I was lucky enough to get a post-graduate scholarship to Warm Springs Foundation in Warm Springs, Georgia ....more

The Cast Iron Bread Baking Pot

The photo of me and the cast iron pot in the middle of the table made me think of cast iron utensils we used when I was little. We did not have money for a standing rib roast. I think chicken was the only meat we ate -- once a week we did have a roast on Sundays, sometimes veal, mostly chicken ....more

My Latest Way of Expressing Myself


The Third Eye

In the first post I wrote about Eyes, I mentioned I went to the Berkeley Sidewalk Art Show. Walter Keane and his family were across the street from where I was drawing. I had never heard of him so I crossed the street to see what they were doing ....more

More Eyes

About 30 years ago, Sam and I took a cruise through Mexico as if we were on a ship moving through foreign waters only we were traveling on land on a train. An unforgettable trip. To explain a little ....more

Eyes I Have Known

A couple of months after my first painting lesson, I signed up to do quick sketches outdoors in the Berkeley Sidewalk Show. It was my first public affair and I had to leave home at the crack of dawn, get into Berkeley, find my assigned place on the sidewalk, unload the car and then park it. When I was ready, there were very few people walking by ....more


Last week, I awakened with a dream still in my head. It was a memory from one of my more confusing first days in America.I arrived in America late September 1938. I was 18 years old ....more


The other day it was raining just slightly and I decided I should have more exercise. I put Edgar on my walker with a leash and we walked down to the parking lot for residents. ...more

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was feted today at one of my favorite restaurants for lunch. Jane and Martha and I were the first people to arrive at 11:30. We immediately ordered my favorite treat -- a pyramid of onion rings! ...more