I am a teacher, a writer and a very busy mother of three. I graduated from University of Pittburgh with a degree in Journalism, and then from San Diego State University with my Teaching Certification.I have been teaching for 26 years and still love my job. I also write for the local newspaper and have been doing that for seven years! I love my crazy family, my loud barking dogs, and the fact that I never know what tomorrow will bring.


An interesting fact about me: I used to be a private investigator in California.  Then I decided to try something really challenging, and decided to become a teacher.

The toughest gig in town. (aka Parent be thy name.)

We all, those of us with children, always hope to be the best parent there is. At least I think MOST of us do. But, it’s a tough gig, this parenting thing ....more

Close Encounters of the Caymanian Kind

I wake up early here in Grand Cayman and try to get a morning beach walk in before I hit the books. I don’t think my fella could’ve picked a better place for me to study for my master’s degree, OR for him to get a hip replacement....more

I like to learn lessons over and over again, just to be sure they STICK.

We had a couple visit us for a long weekend when we were in the Cayman’s last month....more

A very happy birthday, indeed.

Today is my mother’s birthday....more

The medium....wasn't medium at all. (She was tops...)

I was very excited and slightly nervous when I made my visit to the medium....more

Gratitude, it's the word of the day.

I spend each morning these days thanking the Powers that Be. ...more

Be careful when you rub the lamp....sometimes the genie DOES appear....(The medium, part 1.)

Yesterday, I spent some time with my mother, my father, and a very adorable medium who made my day. Yes....more

The Cost of Happiness? Sometimes it's more than you ever imagined.

I was at the table working on schoolwork for the master’s program I am currently enrolled in. (More on that later.) It was about 2:30 in the afternoon when I noticed a text from Golden Boy. “Are you home?” it said ....more

I decided TODAY was the day to start writing again. (Let's work together, friends. Let's work together.)

I received a plea for help from my niece this morning. ...more

(Kind of) Random Acts of Kindness/First Grade Style

Today in school Stella grabbed a card from the school’s “Random Acts of Kindness” bulletin board as we walked to art class. ...more