Why I Married A Black Guy

Yes. After nine years of blogging, I'm finally going to go there. As most of you know, my husband Al is black. Actually I hate that word, but I'm going to use it this one time so just in case you're new here, you'll understand exactly what I mean. But Al's actually just a human being, like me, who happens to have brown skin. We have two human children who happen to have skin closer to the ...more

Getting Back to Real: On Adult Friendships and Vulnerability

  Are you comfortable being open and vulnerable with friends? While I believe at my core I'm a person for whom sharing my true self and deepest feelings with people comes very naturally, lately I seem to have forgotten how to do it. Given the opportunity to share what's really going on in my life, heart and mind with a friend, instead of just relaxing into the open space and laying myself bare ...more

A Tisket A Tasket, Does it Matter What's in the Basket?

Bean commented in passing on Saturday, "I hope the Easter bunny brings me an iPhone," and I had to stifle an ironic giggle. "Ummmm.. Bean?" I said cheerfully, "I don't think the Easter bunny brings stuff like iPhones." "Yes he does! He brought my friend Elise one last Easter!" Busted. Good news is, I've dealt with this logic from the eight-year-old before and I had my clever retort ready ...more

Stuff You Should Watch While You Wait for Downton Abbey, Season Four. Part Four: Anything Jane Austenish

Today I'm continuing my series on What to Watch during Downton Abbey's hiatus. For more suggestions, check out these previous posts: Call the Midwife Doc Martin Monarch of the Glen Many, many thanks to one of my oldest and most-cherished blogging-friends, Lora Lynn from Vitafamiliae for compiling All The Thoughts about the amazing productions of the works of Jane Austen for TV and cinema.  I ...more

What I Wore Wednesday: Spring Break Staycation 2013

We stayed home this week for the kids' spring break. (Sad trombones.) Many factors influenced this decision, all of which were dumb. The husband and I are now kicking ourselves and each other, wishing we'd gone to Arizona as we originally planned. But hindsight is 20/20 and there's no use cryin' over spilled milk and you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and love is a many ...more

Stuff You Should Watch While You Wait for Downton Abbey Season 4. Part Three: Call The Midwife

I'm thrilled to have my California-girl friend and fellow Anglo-telly-phile friend Jen from The Blah Blah Blahger share her review of Call The Midwife as I continue my series about great shows you can watch while you wait for Downton Abbey's return. I haven't begun watching Call the Midwife (and I always hear this title wailed out in my head as if being uttered by a British woman in the middle ...more

Trusting My Instincts

When my first daughter, Bean, was born back in 2004, I worried about everything.  It started in the hospital after I delivered her.   She cried, a LOT, as will newborns do, I've come to understand in retrospect.  My worrying continued through every stage of Bean's babyhood and on into toddlerhood and the preschool years. At four months, when she'd showed no signs of sprouting teeth, I ...more

Everybody Feels Like A Fraud Sometime

That's my theory anyway.  You can help me test it out.  Do you ever feel like a fraud?  Did you know feeling like a fraud or an impostor is quite common?  Did you know that some of the most successful people you bump up against in life are probably smack in the middle of faking it 'til they make it? I have a confession.  After all the hits this little blog received two weeks ago after ...more

Stuff You Should Watch While You Wait for Downton Abbey Season 4 - Part Two: Doc Martin

Today I'm continuing my series on, well, series -- shows I think fellow lovers of Downton Abbey will enjoy as we all await the show's return next fall/winter. (For the first part of this series, my review, description and a trailer of the fun, quirky, joyfully Scottish series Monarch of the Glen, just click here.) Doc Martin Pull on your wellies and pass me a pint, y'all, you will LOVE LOVE ...more

A Humble Thank You. And a Giveaway.

Wow. I just firstly want to thank y'all, from way down deep in my heart.  To each and every one of you who read my Dear Mom on the iPhone, I Get It post, commented on it, shared it on Facebook, linked to it on your blog, emailed it to your friends, read it to your small group, told me your own Mom-on-the-iPhone stories, or just said Thank you or Well done or Bravo!, thank you so, so much. I've ...more