The Cost of a Good Book

By J.C. Lynne Fellow Writing Bug blogger, Kelly Baugh wrote a post about making seven dollars as a writer. I’m not embarrassed to say I average about forty dollars a month on my first book. It’s forty dollars I didn’t have last month....more

NCW Podcast #35: Paranormal Romance Author Sarah Reichert

by Rich, host of the NCW Podcast This week on the NCW Podcast we delve into the realm of paranormal romance with author Sarah Reichert. Sarah ...more

Quotes = Toolbox Gems

By Jennifer Goble After asking my newspaper editor, Delinda, ( for feedback on an article, she replied, “The purpose of what we (writers) do is to inspire people, make them think, or give them motivation.” Quotes have always been in my writing, teaching, and speaking toolbox. They help me succinctly share wisdom from the masters....more

Autumn's Writing Repose

By Sarah Reichert The world is gently closing its shutters. The green retreats and “leaves” only the red and orange fire-glow behind. It’s my favorite time of year ....more

Lost in Translation

By April Moore In life, we come across so many words we thought we were saying correctly, only to be (sometimes embarrassingly) made aware that we in fact, have it all wrong. Admit it, you've probably asked a grocery store employee to direct you to where the kin-noh-ah is. (Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah.) My late grandmother pronounced fajitas as fa-gee-tahs ....more

NCW Podcast #34: Freelance Writer Will Harris

by Rich, host of the NCW Podcast We're now reserving Tuesdays to promote the NCW Podcast to those who don't see the news on Facebook, Twitter, or in the sky courtesy of lasers. This week's Podcast features freelance writer Will Harris. Will writes for numerous pop culture outlets including,, and Canada's TV Week ....more

Where Have You Been All My Life?

by Kelly Baugh (This is a repost from July 2014. I've been reviewing this book again in preparation for NaNoWriMo...more

The Devil in The Details: I Don't Make It All Up

By J.C. Lynne The Beard and I attended the birthday party of one of my favorite people last night. It was a gathering of her friends, strangers to us. I’m not crazy about meeting a group of strangers, but I’m working on it....more

The PIt

By Sarah Reichert In the fantastic movie, “The Princess Bride”, a monk is explaining to the hero where he is upon waking. ...more