“Fame-inism” for the rest of us

So. “Beyonce feminism.” Roxane Gay is against it. (Annie Lennox, too.) Let’s start at the very end — a very good place to start ....more

Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

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Using so many words to say so little…

What is the famous song “Strange Fruit,” by Abel Meeropol, a New York Jewish communist schoolteacher, and most famously performed by Billie Holiday, the immensely influential and important black singer, about? Lynching....more

Open Thread with Meerkats

Meerkats feature...more

Don’t you get sick of those damned poor trick-or-treaters in your rich neighborhood?

This week, an actual win from advice columnist Dear Prudence: Dear Prudence, I live in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country, but on one of the more “modest” streets — mostly doctors and lawyers and family business owners. (A few blocks away are billionaires, families with famous last names, media moguls, etc.) I have noticed that on Halloween, what seems like 75 percent of the trick-or-treaters are clearly not from this neighborhood. Kids arrive in overflowing cars from less fortunate areas ....more

For Angel H: Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi

A little while ago, I mentioned that I was reading Helen Oyeyemi’s Boy, Snow, Bird, on an open thread, a really interesting retelling of the Snow White fairy tale by a Nigerian-British novelist that engages issues of race in a way that very few fairy-tale retellings do (“The Glass Bottle Trick” by Nalo Hopkinson is a notable exception, and I know there are others)....more

South Carolina: Swell for fetuses, less so for victims of domestic violence

[Trigger warning for domestic violence] In Florida, Stand Your Ground was used as the foundation of George Zimmerman’s defense after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. In South Carolina, it was used to defend a man who walked out of the house with a gun to confront “women thugs” who had threatened his daughter; he ended up shooting a teenage boy in his car instead. Also in Florida, Marissa Alexander has repeatedly been denied the chance to use the Stand Your Ground defense against charges after she fired a warning shot above the head of her abusive husband ....more

Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Promote yourself. Netiquette reminders: Want to recommend someone else’s writing instead? Try the latest signal-boosting thread ....more

Open Thread with Cheese Platter

A plate full of yummy stuff I cannot eat for the next month or so features...more

Quickhits: Ebola fearmongering, massacre threats, GassyGoat, who gets to pick up a gun and live?

Still not feeling up to sitting in front of the computer for too long while convalescing from my hospital admission, but here’s a few things I’ve noted filling my feeds: * The media hyperventilation over the way over-stated risks of catching Ebola for those in the West (and the predictably awful racism on display amongst too many people who’ve swallowed the hype). Also too many people unwilling to accept that Ebola patients have privacy rights (h/t @amaditalks). * The specific threat to enact “another Montreal massacre” at USU if they went ahead with a talk from Anita Sarkeesian, and how Sarkeesian ended up cancelling the talk (which she normally doesn’t do following threats) after learning that Utah’s concealed-carry weapon licenses mean that the university is specifically prohibited from preventing anyone with such a licence from carrying their weapon into the auditorium i.e. USU could not provide adequate security measures ....more