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Fausta Wertz was born and raised in Puerto Rico.  She's a graduate of the University of Georgia and has an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  She blogs at Fausta's blog on American and Latin American politics, news, current events and culture.

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Misery Index’s top three: Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil

No, not the band, Steve Hanke crunched the numbers and the results are in: Venezuela holds the inglorious spot of most miserable country for 2016, as it did in 2015. The failures of the socialist, corrupt petroleum state have been well documented over the past year, including when Venezuela became the 57th instance of hyperinflation […] ...more

Demonstrate this

Anarchists, flashmobs, absentee Congresspeople, and hoaxers. Why go to the circus, when the circus comes to you? Read my post, Demonstrate this ....more

Trinidad & Tobago: Future uncertain

The curse of the extractive economies: Once a Caribbean Success Story, Trinidad and Tobago Faces an Uncertain Future In many ways, the two recessions are similar, with the oil curse leaving its mark on both. The non-hydrocarbon sector is incapable of carrying Trinidad and Tobago’s economy on its own. There are the same stories today […] ...more

Cuba: US to share law enforcement info with the regime

Gregory Kolte reports that In final days, Obama administration signs law enforcement pact with Cuba (emphasis added): The U.S. State Department signed a new agreement on law enforcement cooperation with Cuba on Monday, seeking to further deepen ties with the communist island just four days before the end of the Obama administration. The agreement outlines […] ...more

Spain to extradite El Mono to the U.S.

The Zetas cartel’s alleged operations man in Spain, Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano, a.k.a. El Mono (The Monkey), may be extradited into the U.S. where he’s wanted on charges of ...more

Brazil: This year’s 3rd prison riot, 26 killed

The WSJ reports on the ongoing drug war: Brazil Prison Riot Leaves 26 Dead. Rivalry between drug gangs sparks a third deadly riot this year The riot was caused by a fight between members of São Paulo-based First Capital Command gang, or PCC, and Sindicato do Crime, its local rival inside the prison […] ...more

Sunday palate cleanser: Tancredi

Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868) – Tancredi Melodramma eroico in due atti – Libretto by Gaetano Rossi. Live recorded in Teatro Verdi – Trieste, January 2003 ...more

Colombia: FARC is world’s 3rd richest terrorist organization

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, are the world’s third richest terrorist organization,...more

Cuba: Obama ends Clinton’s immigration policy

Ace summarizes it in one sentence: Because, you see, Cuba is no longer a human rights violator, after undertaking no reforms that Obama did not demand they undertake to get more American dollars. Babalu has facts and reaction to the news. At Drudge: Havana hails end to special US immigration policy.. ....more

Breaking: Obama ends ‘wet foot, dry foot’ for Cubans

Will post on it tomorrow ...more