Herb Plant Information

Are you growing herbs or planning to? You might need a little guide to find all my written articles on the topic. (I have over 1000 posts here, and it is high time to organize it for ease in finding just the ones you need, quickly) ....more

Garden Furniture Brightens Up Outdoor Living

Garden furniture I wouldn’t be without What Can’t You Live Without? Favorite Garden Accessories Garden Benches Chairs Firepits and Fire Bowls Playhouses Bird Baths, Feeders, Houses Swings and swingsets Picnic tables and Patio sets Fountain Hot tub Patio seating and lounge chairs Grill or outdoor kitchen Is The Ticket Too Big? On “big ticket” items … Continue reading "Garden Furniture Brightens Up Outdoor Living" The post Garden Furniture Brightens Up Outdoor Living appeared first on Home Garden Companion ....more

Visit An Arboretum And Save Dollars On Your Landscape

What if you could see which shrubs and trees grow well in your landscape? Or learn of plants mature sizes without waiting for years? An Arboretum can show and tell....more

The Blog Move Finally Gets Attention

This blog had 1000plus postings and was moved to its own domain with a new WordPress platform. It has taken awhile to get to cleaning up everything around here, especially while trying to adjust the theme and look and write new posts! The gist of it is that I am today fixing old posts, getting … Continue reading "The Blog Move Finally Gets Attention" The post The Blog Move Finally Gets Attention appeared first on Home Garden Companion ....more

If You Need To Save On Water In The Garden

At the time I write this as June is closing, we have plenty of moisture in the ground this year, but that is not always the case. Especially as the summer marches on, drought becomes a real possibility. a few water saving tips can make a difference in how your plants weather the heat and … Continue reading "If You Need To Save On Water In The Garden" The post If You Need To Save On Water In The Garden appeared first on Home Garden Companion ....more

Garden Update And Late Starts

Every year I promise I won’t go AWOL during the main growing season of the garden. Just so I will get everything done and catch up with the past year’s neglect. but every year I manage to break those unspoken, informal vows ....more

Cottage Garden Revival

Cottage Garden Revival Cottage gardens as we know them today are a direct product of late Edwardian writers, although the style itself is much older. Old Fashioned In The Nineteenth Century During the time of Queen Victoria there was an explosion of exotic plants introduced into English gardens. The Victorians, being addicted to collecting and … Continue reading "Cottage Garden Revival" The post Cottage Garden Revival appeared first on Home Garden Companion ....more

I knew I should have taken pictures

This spring was unusually cool and full of rain. The result was a long period of spring bloom that seemed to stay fresh and picture perfect for a protracted period. I knew I should grab a camera or at least my iPhone and take some photos ....more

Why Plant A Bulb Garden?

Your Home’s Style And Type of Garden Brightened With Bulbs Whether your home is formal or informal, there are plant pictures made with flower bulbs that will enhance the look and fit with the style. They are usually very low care, and low cost. Which plan or combination will give the look you want? ...more

Fire Pit Conversations

How to bond as a family? Try some conversation starters around an open fire. The post Fire Pit Conversations appeared first on Home Garden Companion ....more