Droving & diving

We had some visitors here last weekend – our final weekend of the school holidays. ...more

Over the Yard Arm…

Among the myriad of excuses I have for being a sporadic blogger, is the fact that not only am I on the road a lot taking kids to and fro, with boarding school being a three hour drive from our home, but we also have had a MASSIVE project underway on-property too. We have been building a spanking new set of cattle yards – and when I say ‘we’ I actually mean that 90% has been constructed by a local craftsman we call ‘Cookie’ and all the planning and much of the timber work has been undertaken by my hardworking hubby. After much debate about location, we decided these new yards needed to be central to all of our breeder paddocks, with readily accessibly water ....more

Hello Debbie!

If there is one thing you learn to do in the bush, it’s read a weather forecast closely, and take it with a grain of salt at the same time. So when Cyclone Debbie began forming in off the North Queensland coast last week, a part of me cheered that we MIGHT be getting some good widespread rain across our region finally, a part of me didn’t believe anything at all would eventuate, and a part of me worried about where it might hit and do damage. It’s complex being a farmer – those like us, who have low-maintenance cattle on very hilly country (where there is plenty of chance for animals to get to higher land) are happy with big falls and being cut off from civilization for a little while ....more

The Golden Age

So here is the thing… For the past few weeks, I have been a bit consumed! I have been busy organising a little gathering at our place… one which marks a...more

The Brand 2017

One of the hardest, hottest, most rewarding, memorable and amazing jobs on a cattle property is a fortnight-long task know as The Brand. Our annual muster, bringing in all the cows and calves so we can treat the mamas for pests (like buffalo fly and ticks) and identify and mark the calves, is an essential...more

Eddy, Wanderer on the Wild Side

Those of you who follow me on my Bush Babe of Oz Facebook page will know I am a huge fan of Aussie photographer Edwina Robertson… Eddy has some MAD camera skills, and has adventure branded into her very soul. An amazing wedding image she took 16 months ago...more

In the meantime…

*tap tap* Is this thing on? Let me wipe the cobwebs away, dust off the keyboard, and catch you up on the shenanigans here at Granite Glen over the Christmas school holidays… I took Dash (to his first ever concert) along with Violet and Salina (not pictured here, who both attended Taylor Swift with me in 2015) to see...more

School’s out and the ringers are UP!

It’s mustering time here at our place… time to saddle up, load up, step up and cowgirl (or cowboy) up!! The school holidays began for us last week, and unlike many schoolchildren around the country, our lot know that things don’t slow down when school ends… the action is just beginning to crank up. ...more

Never say ‘never again’

So if you had asked me six weeks ago if I was doing a 2017 Bush Calendar, I would have laughed. Laughed. Out ....more

Driveway wildlife…

The things you see along our driveway are often slightly strange and unexpected. (Sometimes outside the car, sometimes inside!) As I went for the school pickup run – a 30 km round trip – this little dude stopped and gazed at me for a good minute. I took this shot through a FILTHY windscreen (hence the soft focus and big blur to the left of him) ....more