Weight loss might make you healthier but it probably won’t make you happier, according to a new study

Getting skinny will solve all our problems, right? We will be unconditionally loved by all, be able to run marathons in under three hours and, of course, be able to wear bikinis and heels to any occasion, including black tie events. As one does ....more

Haircuts for insomniacs

This is Son #3 at the beginning of the summer, pre-bangs debacle. And yes, this is his real mad face. Boy does not mess around!...more

Are catcalls harassment or no big deal? [What every girl needs to know about street harassment and how you can stop it]

Do you remember the first time you were catcalled? I was in fifth grade, walking past the boys bathroom when a group of boys suddenly yelled (sung?) that line from a Michael Jackson song “Hey pretty baby, with the high heels on!” while hip thrusting and making awooooga! noises ....more

The pregnancy test

Wal-Mart isn’t someplace I normally associate with life-changing moments. Although if you’re going to have a public freakout Wallyworld does have a lot to recommend it: Not only can you buy tranquilizers, Natural Calm and fuzzy socks (just me?) but it seems like there are always a bunch of people around to call 911 if you actually make good on your promise to pass out. Yet when I decided to start hyperventilating, I went into the bathroom to hide ....more

Redefining feminine: The Rugged Grace Project uses powerful pictures of lady rugby players to tackle body hate

All photos courtesy of the Rugged Grace Tumblr Have you ever played rugby? I haven’t. I had the chance once ....more

I’m tired, I love you and I need a break

I need to take a break from this blog for a bit. I need to reevaluate what I want from it and for it because for about the past year I feel like it – no I – have gotten really stagnant. Which isn’t fair to any of us! ...more

Have you ever been told you hit/run/cry like a girl? [It's time we make "being a girl" not an insult]

Have you ever been told you hit like a girl? Or run like one? Or cry like one? ...more

On quitting drinking… when I’ve never had a drink [How to make self-care non-negotiable]

This is a Polish proverb that says “Not my circus, not my monkeys!” My sister posted it and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s brilliant really....more

What is the deal with Isagenix? Health miracle, scam, or just a protein shake looking for someone who likes long walks and cuddling?

I have not tried Isagenix. I wanted to just get that out there. Of course this being the internet, the only qualifications I need to write about it are a keyboard and a polka-dot snuggie ....more