Want What You Have

Heather is a minimalist in love with a recovering packrat. 7 years ago, she and her husband sold pretty much anything that wasn't nailed down in order to pay off their mortgage, and they've been living happily debt-free ever since. They have 3 hilarious little kids who were conceived with the help of in vitro fertilization, and they haven't had a good night's sleep in the last decade. Heather is an anglophile who loves all things British, and spends her free time looking at real estate listings in Cornwall. Every day, she and her family work toward a simpler, more meaningful life. 

My Gather, Sort, and Deliver House Tidying Method (VIDEO)

One of the comments (not complaints, really) I get occasionally is that I rarely post pictures of myself. This post will not remedy that, as I simply don’t like to be in the spotlight. However, you can hear my voice in these videos! ...more

Simple, Homemade Gatorade G2 Recipe

Last fall, my husband was injured when he lost consciousness from...more

Our Fall 2016 Schedule and Monthly Menu Plan

This is our schedule for Fall, 2016. I offer it as an example, to assist those who want to create a schedule of their own. Our Weekly Schedule Fall 2016 – View PDF You’ll notice one major difference in our schedule this fall – we are no longer attending church ....more

Back to School, 2016

As of today, everyone in my family has gone back to school….except me. I’m still here. But ....more

Our 2016 Summer Scrapbook – August

The Young and the Restless: Don’t laugh, but the girls and I started watching it this summer. I seriously have not watched a daytime soap opera since I was Hayley’s age, and seriously emotionally invested in whether Cruz and Eden would finally get together on Santa Barbara. Watching Y&R with the girls is hugely entertaining ...more

Our 2016 Summer Scrapbook – July

The 4th: As always, we went to my sister-in-law’s house for a potluck lunch, and to watch the parade. The 4th was weird this year because instead of being tortuously hot and humid per usual, it was instead overcast and freezing. We left very early in the day because we were all so cold, and ...more

Rachel’s Baptism

My children were all baptized/dedicated as babies. However, through our study of the scriptures, we came to understand...more

Our 2016 Summer Scrapbook – June

You may have noticed that I didn’t blog all summer. I was so busy with the kids, and it seemed more important to focus on spending time with them. In fact, I kind of took a break from the internet in general this summer, in favor of just living my life ....more

Grain-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

I’m generally VERY disappointed in grain-free baked goods, and I seldom make any. However, these are surprisingly good, and I’ve made them several times. This is a recipe I’ve tinkered with a lot, so I have a few tips: -If you use muffin liners, expect that these muffins will stick to them ....more