You’ve Heard of Container Gardening, How About Container Composting?

I’m on a writing deadline, which naturally means that I am procrastinating by spending way too much time looking up gardening stuff on Pinterest. (that makes sense, right?) wait. Don’t answer that ....more

How to Combine Gratitude with Goal Setting

It’s a brand new year! Congratulations, you made it! ...more

30 Days to an Organized Life

In my household shortcut planning guide, Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life, I’ve tried to break down all of the daily, weekly, and monthly THINGS that float around in our heads into one day-planner/book: ...more

The Art of Saying No

It’s back to school season, and this is usually the time of the year where I re-prioritize my goals and daily activities. I’ve got a seventh grader, a fourth grader, and a preschooler this year. The preschooler is only in school 6 hours a week, because I’m just not ready to let her go for more hours, yet ....more

Back to School with Staples — $60 backpack giveaway!

Thank you to Staples for providing a backpack for me to review...more

Bloggers and Narcissism

original photo credit: The Secret of Narcissism This is part of the Business of Blogging Series. You can see all of the posts, here. ...more

Be a Blogger Entrepreneur

  You’ve been blogging for a few years now, and you feel stuck. You’re not quite sure where to turn for advice, since all the advice you find contradicts each other anyhow ....more

Real Life, Not a Magazine

  Probably a lot like you, I began reading magazines in my teens. I eagerly looked forward to Seventeen Magazine each month. I wanted to know what highschool was like. I wanted to know what it was like to have a boyfriend, go off to camp, and what things I needed to do to get into a good college ....more

Patience, and Other Blogging Virtues

This is another installment in my The Business of Blogging Series. I have been blogging full-time since 2008, and have been very hesitant to share my successes “out loud” with very many people because I worry about 1) jinxing it and 2) being show-offy ...more