Whose Shoes Are These Anyway?

Nordette Adams is a published poet and fiction writer who grew up in New Orleans, LA, moved away at 20, and returned in 2007. During her lifetime, she's worked as a journalist for weekly newspapers in Georgia and New Jersey and written articles for regional magazines. She's also been a public relations specialist for a government facility in South Carolina where she ghost-wrote white papers and trade articles for environmental engineers, penned scripts, and produced documentaries. Later,, she worked at a New Jersey telecommunications company as a technical writer.  Today, however, the poet is focused on her life as a poet.

In 2013, at the invitation of Louisiana's former State Poet Laureate Julie Kane, Nordette participated in "Just Listen to Yourself" at the Louisiana State Library. More recently she discovered that some of her poems are being used by schools in America and abroad for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events, social justice studies, and final exams. Nordette has been a contributing editor at BlogHer.com since 2006.,  You are invited to visit her personal blog, Whose Shoes Are These Anyway?

100 Thousand Poets for Change Today in New Orleans

100 Thousand Poets for Change, New Orleans3 pm today, Zeitgest Theater 1618 Oretha Castle Hailey Blvd.$5 donation at door #NOLA #poets ...more

Black Teen, 14, Killed for Allegedly Wielding a BB Gun (video)

Tuesday evening, Houma, Louisiana, deputies shot and killed 14-year-old Cameron Tillman when the teen opened a door while allegedly holding a BB gun. The shooting occurred less than 24 hours before an Ohio grand jury declined to indict police officers who shot to death John Crawford III, a black man who was holding a BB gun in a Walmart that he found on the store's shelves. He was talking on ...more

The Blacklist: Now 'No Sugar in My Coffee' is stuck in my head (Video)

Yes, I did watch the season two premiere of The Blacklist on NBC last night, and naturally, it was only predictable in its hotness, but now I've got "No Sugar in My Coffee" by Caught A Ghost stuck in my head. You may, too: "Don't want no sugar in my coffee. It makes me mean, lawd! ...more



Dear Najee Ali and Earl Ofari, Daniele Watts did not make you look dumb

Wait. Did I miss something? When did Daniele Watts call up Najee Ali of Project Islam Hope and Earl Ofari Hutchinson of the Urban Policy Roundtable and ask either of them to defend her or protest on her behalf? ...more

I've taken the Paper.li plunge with Bell, Book, and Scandal

Having run an actual newspaper/magazine before, I was fascinated when I saw the first Paper.li paper tweeted to me on Twitter. I don't remember who tweeted me all those months ago, but before long it seemed that every other day someone sent a tweet directing me to his or her Paper.li paper. Since I had already been thinking about narrowing my focus to books, publishing, entertainment, and ...more

Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove: obsessive love (Video)

We like to call our romantic fixations "crushes, torches, or love-sickness," and this video poem is probably more along the romantic vein rather than stalker, but I know some psychologists who would call any inability to stop thinking about someone and still longing for the person's company to be an obsession. Some even say infatuation is a form of mental illness. The speaker of this ...more

This father-son rap time will melt you're heart (2-year-old Khaliyl Iloyi)

Khaliyl Iloyi - 2 year old rapping with his daddy on MUZU.TV. FEROmedia presents Khaliyl Iloyi rapping at 2 years old with father Femi aka Smooflow of Hip Hop group Royal Priesthood. Yes, the kid, only two years old, is so cute ....more

Mike Brown's Killing: Two new witnesses, contractors, speak

As I said in my previous post on Darren Wilson supporters, two new witnesses, contractors who were working at the apartment complex in Ferguson on August 9 when Mike Brown Jr. was killed, have come forward. They saw Wilson shoot to death the unarmed 18-year-old ....more

9/11 Flashback, a 2014 Repost

The following article was originally posted at AuthorsDen.com in 2004. I wrote about 9/11 in 2011 on the 10-year anniversary...more