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I'm a child of God, wife to my husband, mom to my 4 kids (ages 15, 13, 10, and 8), photography, baking, and money-saving nut, and piano player, among other things.

Freezer Challenge Update!

Alrighty. It’s been a week since I started my freezer challenge, and though it’s not exactly empty in the freezer, it IS looking way more manageable. Here’s what I’ve been up to ....more

Some clarifications about conservatives, Christians, and conservation

There was lots of great discussion on my Earth Day post about conservation, and in the comments, I tried to explain a few things that got misunderstood or miscommunicated. But then I thought about how a lot of you probably don’t read the comment section as thoroughly as I do (!), and I thought I should clear up a few things here on the blog where more of you will see what I say. One First off, I do recognize that a lot of Christians DO care about the environment...more

Kitchen Helper

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. Yesterday afternoon, Zoe was at loose ends, so I handed her a knife and had her help me with dinner prep. She’d never used a chef’s knife before, but she did a great job (and nothing besides food was cut in the process ....more

Dear Christians: It’s ok to care about the earth. Actually, you SHOULD.

Today is Earth Day. I know conservative people tend to roll their eyes at there even BEING an Earth Day, but I think this needs to stop. And I think conservation and recycling and reduction of consumption need to stop being such taboo topics in the church ....more

Well, I’m still no chalk artist…

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. …but chalk markers DO make it a lot easier to write on a chalkboard....more

I’ll be me. And you can be you.

This is something I’ve been thinking about lately, partly because of Gretchen Rubin’s writings, partly because of conversations with friends, partly because we’ve been on a Myers-Briggs kick around here (I’m an ISFJ), and probably because of some other things I’m not remembering right now! Oh, and also because of our math and history conversations last week here on the blog. One of Gretchen Rubin’s mantras is, “Be Gretchen.” by which she means that she wants to give herself permission to be who she is without trying to be someone else ....more

What’s in the freezer?? Enough stuff for a freezer challenge, that’s what.

I mentioned last week that my kitchen freezer is getting a little bit out of control. Which is especially sad because when I finished my freezer challenge this past fall, it was lookin’ super marvelous. And now it’s not ....more

And now for something we DO like…

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. On Tuesday, I mentioned that our household is 6/6 for not liking math. (Which I think is just fine....more

Shoot Better |On Lighting (Part 2)

This post is part of a Shoot Better, weekly (ish) series on improving your photography frugally (a.k.a. not buying tons of equipment.) Last week, I wrote a post about how to get better lighting in your photographs, but mostly I talked about what NOT to do. So this week, here are some basic ideas about what TO do. Do shoot in the shade ....more

Even the spring air can only do so much for math.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. It’s more tolerable with a warm breeze, but only slightly. (We are not a family of math lovers.) (Parents included.) __________________ P.S. Don’t forget to go enter the Blinkbuggy photo book giveaway! P.P.S. There’s a BuckBooks baking event today, (affiliate link) where you can get a variety of baking books for $1 each (one is $1.99) ....more