Controlling My Chaos

I'm a middle school math teacher, and a mom to two girls. I love crafting, sewing, reading, and digital scrapbooking. I'm also an organizing freak. My life is absolutely crazy, and I spend all my free time running around and trying to control my chaos.

Farmhouse Love Episode 8

Well Hello there, Friends. I hope you are all having a fantastic summer. Mine has been busy and productive ....more

Farm House Love Episode 7

My summer vacation just started, and man do I have a lot that I want to accomplish over the next nine weeks. I'm going to have to squeeze it between family visiting here and there, and Peanut Head has plans for outside work, which I need to be a part of. It's shaping up to be the busiest summer ever, and I'm excited about it ....more

Farm House Love Episode 6

Spring is in full swing here, and we are in Heaven. Our winter was long, cold, and ugly so this beautiful weather really makes us appreciate all the sunshine. In the picture above, Gunny is standing on his dog house, which the goats have taken over, and he is about to be evicted ....more

Farm House Love Episode 5

As promised, I'm back with more pictures of the progress on our new old house. The bathroom is limping along, and Peanut Head has started building the shower walls. It got put off for so long because we had to tackle the plumbing first and, honestly, nobody likes that part ....more

Farm House Love Episode 4

Well hello there, Friends. Since we last met, winter has come and gone. Well, mostly gone ....more

Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I actually got my Christmas cards out earlier this week and now that all my friends and family have (hopefully) received them by now, I'm safe to post my Christmas letter here without taking the fun out of getting my Christmas card. There was lots to share in our Christmas letter this year, although it's maybe not news to you, my Internet Friends ....more

Farmhouse Love Episode 3

Happy Thanksgiving week, Friends. What do you think of PJ's man bun? Stinkerbell gifted him with this new do ....more

Farmhouse Love Episode 2

Remember when I said I hoped to be posting a little more often with the progress on the bathroom? And that was close to two months ago? Yeah, well I should have known better ....more

Farmhouse Love Episode 1

Happy Fall Friends! I don't even know how it can be fall and I am still not unpacked....more


Whew! What a month it has been. On June 10th we closed on the house we sold and the house we bought, and we've been going non-stop ever since ....more