What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #120

Hola, friends! Hope you’ve been up to many delicious thing in the kitchen. I’ve mostly been slacking ....more

Spicy Chicken BLT Bagels

This grilled chicken sandwich recipe is packed with flavor from the sriracha and bacon. The buttermilk helps keeps the chicken extra juicy! Big thanks to Thomas’ Breads for sponsoring this post ....more

Cheater Chilaquiles

If you’ve ever wondered how to make chilaquiles, this chilaquiles recipe is super easy and is a great breakfast for dinner idea! So. Last week, you guys ....more

20 Minute Tortellini Alfredo

Do you guys know what today is? That’s right. Friday ....more

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #119

Brr, you guys. BRR. It’s freakin’ June and I’m wearing a hoodie ....more

Southwest Dip

I have to count this Southwest Dip recipe up there as one of the best dip recipes I’ve made in a long time! It’s creamy and full of fresh, Southwestern flavors! Big thanks to Stonefire for sponsoring this post ....more

Browned Butter Glazed Pecan Cookies

So, did I tell y’all about my son? My fifteen year old son? My fifteen year old son who happened to get his driver’s permit and is now driving my car around like it ain’t no thang ....more

Peach Pecan Pancakes

It’s that time of the year, you guys. When you’re at the grocery store (or, fine, the farmers’ market, if you’re fancy and you live somewhere that has farmers’ markets this early in the year with actual local produce instead of produce from halfway across the country, but whatever) and you walk by a big display of peaches without even noticing, you stop. And you notice ....more

My Experiences With Groupon Getaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon Getaways for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Hi guys! ...more

What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #118

Hi guys! It’s Wednesday. But it feels like Tuesday ....more