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There Is No Grand Passion Without Risk

Uncertainty, ambiguity, indecision, ambivalence, vagueness, doubt, unsettled, unresolved. These are the conditions that challenge our sanity in dating. Most of us are so uncomfortable with uncertainty that when we face it we’ll ask everyone we know for an interpretation ....more

The Economic Benefits of Late Marriage – In the 16th Century

When it comes to delaying marriage, it’s deja vu all over again!...more

College Students Still Reject Hookup Culture

New data on the sexual behavior of college students! The Cut at New York Magazine partnered with SurveyMonkey to gather data on the sex habits of college kids, and nearly 800 people responded. Their findings very much confirm what I have been saying for the last few years: Millennials want less casual sex, more relationships, […] The post College Students Still Reject Hookup Culture appeared first on Hooking Up Smart ....more

Online Dating vs. Old School – Which is Right For You?

Last week I was asked to share my thoughts...more

Date-onomics: Dating By the Numbers

I want to wake up, in a city that doesn’t sleep And find I’m king of the hill Top of the heap ...more

You May Want to Add This to Your Online Profile

A new paper by the Federal Reserve Board has found that a person’s credit score accurately predicts their...more

What is Personal Empowerment, and How Can You Live It?

These days it’s hard to talk about personal...more

A Normal Male Reproductive Strategy?

FYI my son is getting married this weekend, so this will be my only post this week. I’ll return after my guests depart early next week....more

Lost in the Game: A Musical Story of Relationships

I’ve always distinguished between hookup culture and sexual behavior among young people. The culture influences the behavior. This fantastic video called Lost in the Game explores how musical lyrics comprise a large part of the hookup culture, and how that affects young people and relationships ....more