WOW! Where to begin! I am a fun gal who loves to create, craft, and enjoy life. I was married at eighteen years old, stopped attending college to put my husband through. My husband graduated with his Nurse Anesthesia Degree in 2011. I had my first son the day  before I turned twenty one! What a great way to celebrate your twenty first birthday~! In the labor and delivery ward at the hospital! I now have three more fun and rumbuctious boys taking the total to 4! I would love to have a little girl running around some day! But the husband claims we are done. I enjoy staying at home with my boys and spending every waking moment with them! I am an artist and a crafter. I am a positive person by nature, I talk alot, and I can't say no! I was born and raised LDS, and I hold firm in my relgion and it's beliefs.

Easter Egg Wreath

If you know me, you know I love a good wreath for my front door. I don't have an Easter wreath yet, and I decided last year that I better fix that problem... So I grabbed a metal wreath form and some small plastic eggs ....more

Gasping For Breath

Imagine being stuck in a whirl pool....more

Back To School.

Yep, I'm a little late... but that's okay... Mormon Standard Time, Right? ...more

Bulletin Boards For My Children's Rooms...

In all three of the kids rooms I made large bulletin boards. This way they can hang whatever they desire and there isn't tape on the walls or holes in the walls. I ordered a huge roll of cork from Amazon ....more

I'm a little irrational some times...

I fly by the seat of my pants. I don't like things scheduled. I don't like being told where to be and when ....more

This Little Turkey Skipped The Table...

Instead he made it to the door. I made this Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath last year for Thanksgiving... And well.. ....more

Creative Healthy Lunch Ideas... Plus I am a CapriSun Mom, are you?

I have five children. What? I know, sometimes I think I'm losing it too ....more

No Sew Grocery Tote

This is another craft option that I had available for my Fabulous Friday Craft Day at my church. It's easy to complete and up here in Washington where our county just put on a ban from single use bags (PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS) these are a hot commodity. I always forget mine in the car without fail so I load the groceries into the cart when I am getting them ....more

On a Happier Note... I bring you a craft...

Even though I've been struggling I've been getting alot of crafting and home decorating in. Along with alot of loving and playing with my kids. Which, is the most important thing to me right now in this stage of my life ....more


I'm exhausted. I'm worn out. I'm just kind of done with everything ....more