Indexing—A Great Way to Participate in Temple Work

When I was a freshman in college, my singles ward had a contest between the Relief Society and the Elders Quorum to see who could extract the most names for temple work. Back then (almost 25 years ago now!), we had to go up to a special extraction center and work from microfilm and enter the names into a computer data base. My best friend and I got pretty competitive with a few of the guys in the ward, so we would get up at the crack of dawn and ride our bikes up to the extraction center and work for several hours.While I don't remember who won the competition, I do remember really catching the spirit of getting names ready for temple ordinances ....more

July 2016 Visiting Teaching Printable

The visiting teaching message for July 2016 is titled Our Potential for Parenthood. Like some of the previous lessons on marriage emphasize, parenthood may not happen in this life for some people, despite their faithfulness to gospel teachings.If that is the case for any of your sisters this month, you may want to go back to my printable from January that features the quote "we each belong to and are needed in the family of God" by Sister Stephens. You can find that printable here: January 2016 Visiting Teaching HandoutBecause more sisters will have children and grandchildren than not, I decided to go with Dallin H ....more

The Best Way to Save at the Grocery Store (No Coupons Involved!)

The Maestro and I have recently decided our grocery bill is completely out of control. We have so much going on that worrying about the grocery budget has taken a backseat, but then we realized that we had been spending around 150% of our allotted grocery budget for several months. No bueno! ...more

How Using a Timer Will Help You Be More Productive

My name is Lara and I struggle to stay on task.I'm really good at starting things, but I fully admit that finishing them often seems difficult. I get distracted, I get overwhelmed, I have no motivation. Whatever it is, many things never get finished and some of them don't ever make it off of the to-do list.But I have a secret productivity weapon ....more

Easy Book Club Snack Ideas: Pride & Prejudice

Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dare Foods TM and Tyson Foods, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine. #DareToBeInspiredWhenever I host book club at my house, I love trying to come up with refreshments that match the book ....more

7 Middle Grade Books That Teach Kids Empathy

I've been thinking a lot about how to teach kids to be more empathetic and kind lately. After writing a very emotional post about my daughter's experience with bullying, I have found myself wanting to teach my own girls to be more kind to others, despite their differences.Since I think reading books is one of the most fabulous ways to learn anything, I started researching books that have storylines that help awaken empathy in the readers. I first thought of the book Wonder by RJ Palacio, which is a huge favorite at our house, but I was able to find several more to put in the pile ....more

Our 2016 Summer Reading Lists

This post is part of an ongoing...more

June 2016 Visiting Teaching Printable

The visiting teaching message for June 2016 is about temple ordinances and covenants. As a person who lives nearly 7 hours away from the nearest temple, I really enjoyed reading this lesson.Ever since I moved here, the chances I have had to visit the temple are much more meaningful to me in general. I regret all the times I didn't go to the temple when I was only about an hour or so away, and now I take every possible opportunity to go with The Maestro or by myself—and that still only adds up to twice a year ....more

The Death of a Gorilla and the Lesson We Aren't Learning

It's everywhere—all over the news and social media—Harumbe, a silverback gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, was killed in order to save the life of a child who had managed to get into his habitat. I have watched the videos and read a few articles, and while it is so very sad that a beautiful and endangered animal had to lose its life, it is clear to me that it was absolutely necessary.Do you know why the story is blowing up? It's because the people of the internet are outraged ....more