Feed the birds (ducks- in this case)

Today we had a lot of fun-- and spent a whole $1.31. We fed the ducks. It was awesome ....more

Canon in D

I had all of my music on "shuffle" today; which if anyone listened to it they would think I have several personalities- everything from classical, to opera, to hip hop (and more- I think I have things from every genre on my ipod....more

Animal Love

I love animals...more

BiPolar Horses

I think Jessie is bipolar.The other night she had a hell of a time trying to kill me and gave me a run for my money....more

Yeehaa. Bike Rides. Summer.

Summer has started!For the past 4 years summer has not been the high point that they should be, they have been in and out of the hospital and generally pretty sucky.This summer its all different....more

I am running out of spare parts

I do not have: wisdom teeth, appendix, and one kidney.Soon I will also lack a gall bladder. Apparently it has been acting up for a while and I just started to tune into the issues since I was no longer in pain from an obnoxious kidney....more

Kid's Speak

One thing I have noticed in having a bunch of kids is that I (and a lot of parents) take on the vernacular of their children.Cats become meows, dogs become woofs. Juice boxes become juicy....more

Labor and Delivery.

Let me say this: I am not pregnant.I was talking to a friend today discussing pregnancy- and how it can be challenging. That it can be uncomfortable and painful- but I'd do it again for each of my kids- even the labor and delivery part.Suddenly, I remembered being pregnant with Princess and sitting on the back porch and realizing that this baby was going to come out one way or another and it probably would not be my favorite time of the whole experience....more

So Skylar is 10 and sentimentality

Yesterday Princess turned 10....more

A time to be sad--- and happy.

It was the end of year picnic for Pixie's preschool. It is also the last year this particular preschool will be open....more