Trend setting parenting


Henry's egg hunt

So we have chickens....more

Learning how to parent

I have the privilege of helping many friends and strangers learn "how to parent" except this is not accurate....more

Little boy/big boy

Now I take pictures of LittleDude almost every night when he nurses to sleep....more

How Big? SOOO Big!! (too big)

LittleDude still co-sleeps and breastfeeds. He is 3. He loves to snuggle close and have that connection ....more

Princess and her Sister

Princess has a best friend- she has been best friends with this girl since the first day of kindergarten....more

Why do they grow up

Someone posted a thing on Facebook the other night about the "Last Time".When was the last time I nursed Pixie-- clearly there was one time that was the last time. There was one time that I held her close and had her nurse....more

Its been quiet around here huh?

Well--- sometimes no news is good news, sometimes no news is just busy, and sometimes, no news means my kidney is up to trickery and I am having hard time accepting it.I got sick in June....more

SCOTUS made a good call

I am an LGBTQ ally....more

StripCraft and Booty Work

A while ago I was fortunate enough to take a workshop with the incomparable Lux ATL one of the most amazing women I have ever had the privilege to meet. I love pole....more