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Freelance writer, blogger and author of the historical novels TRIANON, MADAME ROYALE, and THE NIGHT'S DARK SHADE. I am a busy mother and enjoy reading, opera, gardening and painting.

Réception à Bordeaux

An 1816 painting by Benjamin de Rolland of the Duc and Duchesse d’Angoulême...more

Becoming Mentally Strong

One can also think of it as acquiring mental discipline. Here are some practical suggestions: Never seem too eager to make new friends or allies. People are never attracted to beggars ....more

Queen Marie and Her Son

Marie Leszczyńska and her only son, the Dauphin Louis-Ferdinand, father of Louis XVI ....more

Our Lady in Eastertide in Cornwall

From Fr. Hunwicke: Down in Cornwall, during the Middle Ages, they had religious plays in the ancient Cornish language ... yes, the selfsame language that some enthusiasts are currently trying to revive ....more

Prayer of Madame Elisabeth

From the collection of Anna Gibson. Below is the translation: I do not know what will happen to me today, o my God. All I know is that nothing will happen to me but what You have foreseen from Eternity ....more

Introducing "Tea at Trianon Radio"

On Saturday May 23 at 3pm Eastern Time, I will be launching "Tea at Trianon Radio" which will be dedicated solely to discussions about Marie-Antoinette, her life, her times, her family, and her legacy. In the first live broadcast we will be discussing the truth behind the legend of Queen Marie-Antoinette's romance with the Swedish Count Fersen. The legend has been featured in novels, films and even many biographies ....more

The Last Prior of Southwark

From Recusants and Renegades: Canons Regular were priests living in community under the Rule of St Augustine and sharing their property in common. Unlike monks, who lived a cloistered, contemplative life, the purpose of the life of a canon was to engage in a public ministry of liturgy and sacraments for those who visited their churches. Apparently the canons sought to reflect supernatural order and stability within their priories, with examples of worship, farming, medical care, librarianship, learning, and so forth ....more

Genealogical Chart

The chart is in the shape of the monogram of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, showing how they were second cousins once removed. Via Tiny-Librarian ....more

St. Thomas More on Communism

Of course, "communism" as a political and economic term did not exist at the time. Nevertheless, St. Thomas More described it quite accurately in his writings ....more

The Philippines and Monarchy

From The Mad Monarchist: The struggle of the Spanish in The Philippines could also be seen in the context of the larger war between Christian and Islamic forces in which Spain played a key part (North Africa, Malta, Lepanto, Vienna etc). The Empire of Brunei (yes, the tiny state was once an empire) had spread Islam in what would become The Philippines, replacing the earlier religious beliefs of the old states which had been most influenced by Indian culture (like much of Southeast Asia). Spanish and Filipino Catholic forces were thus fighting Islamic states in The Philippines at the same time Spanish and Austrian troops were battling Islamic expansion in Europe and the Mediterranean ....more