Danger stranger

Last week while in a pretty safe place with my kids Ty asked me if he could go in the men's bathroom even though it was a big place. He knows I'm fine with him going on his own for the most part since he's not a baby anymore but he also knows to ask in case there's a family one or I'm just dead-set against him going without an adult. I'm a little worried sometimes but I've learned to trust my instincts ....more

Too tired for a title

The week started with a bang. Monday morning on the way to school this one said she didn't feel so good. A few hours later she was so sick she fell asleep on my lap which hasn't happened since...I'm thinking since she was 2 ....more

Ann said what I was thinking

I've had this picture on my phone the last few days and keep re-reading it. So true and honest. Loss and death are gut-wrenching ....more

We did it.

We did it. I'm not gonna say "never again," but I hope it's true. Friday was a success but my mind was elsewhere....more

The one where I'm done with soccer

I'm about done with soccer. It started last week and we go to practice every night, well not every single night but it feels like it. The girls are on the same team and Ty is on a team that practices at the same time but clear across town....more

WIW: One Time Wonder

What I Wore:...more

A smaller table

I read a blog post yesterday that hit the nail on the head and explained so well why I want to downsize. Not just downsize, I want to start completely over. The blog is called One Fit Widow and yesterday the author wrote a list of things she regrets ....more

What have I done to deserve this?

Y'all. This morning Joy came downstairs in her Ariel PJ's shirt and panties. I told her to go put pants and shoes on before we took Ty and Charlie to school ....more

The game changer

It came on Saturday. For two years I've said, "No," to what I knew God was urging me to do. I knew it the way that you know something you'd bank your whole lot on ....more

It's gonna be okay

It was a perfect day with the kids. Well, a perfect day following a rough patch.Those dang rough patches. They're still frequent, even when nothing big or visible happens ....more