I Run on Insulin

I am an expert in living with Type 1 diabetes as I have had it for over 20 years. My passion in life is diabetes education and advocacy. I live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband,my awesome dog Cali, and our little lovebug son Milo. I love the gym, love the outdoors, and cooking up a mean (diabetes friendly) meal. 

They said so. So it must be true.

Is it just me, or has there been a recent uptick in the “we can totally cure your diabetes with this natural remedy” lately? I swear in the last few weeks I’ve had someone tell me that: Type 1 diabetes isn’t an autoimmune disease Type 1 can be reversed by eating a paleo diet Type 1 diabetes is the result of my mother not eating a vegan diet while pregnant with me Type 1 diabetes, Alzheimers, and MS are all reversible and we’re not told about it due to a large government conspiracy involving the meat and dairy industry What’s more shocking than these statements are the folks behind them who honestly. Think ....more

Oh hi there DOC.

Well hey there, DOC. How have you been? It’s not that I haven’t been here ....more

Life right now.

They say having a child changes everything. You never really know what that means until you are in it and going through it. I have to say, it’s the single-handed most wonderful, most rewarding, most amazing, most awe-inspiring and most difficult thing I have ever done ....more

He’s Here!

Well, we wanted a surprise and we sure got one – two weeks early! Baby Hauptman decided to arrive on August 24th at 6:16pm – two weeks ahead of his scheduled due date. Since then, we’ve been home enjoying every minute of time with him ....more

That 10th month they forgot to mention….

I’m 37 weeks pregnant. For those of you who don’t count in weeks (I sure as heck didn’t until I became pregnant), that’s 9 months and 1 week pregnant. Yes, pregnancy is actually 10 months long (add that to the list of fun facts they don’t mention before you decide to have kids) ....more

The numbers don’t lie…right?

“You’re gonna be so bored by this CGM download” I chirped to my endo. “Things are so dialed in right now you can barely tell I have diabetes!” This was the tone as I was wrapping up my most recent endo appointment. Finally, in month nine of my pregnancy, I’m feeling pretty solid on my basal rates, carb ratios, and correction factors ....more


I haven’t been blogging much lately and it’s not just because I’m so busy setting up cribs/washing tiny clothes/sterilizing bottles these days. With a mere five weeks or less to go until baby (eek!), I’ve got a lot on my mind too. I’m fully focused on my health and blood sugars right now, trying to make sure that our baby’s growth has every chance of staying on the right track, and that my BGs don’t creep up during this last phase of pregnancy as I tire out both physically and mentally from all the focus ....more

Quotable Quotes of the weekend.

Fourth of July weekend meant BBQs, hanging with friends, and watching some super-illegal commercial-grade fireworks being exploded at the local park. All around good times celebrating America’s birthday. It also meant being over 7 months pregnant and out in public in the heat ....more

What’s Workin’.

There was time when anything over 30 total daily units on my pump meant I’d had a serious carb-heavy day. Like I must have had a bowl of ice cream, or a pasta dinner to warrant something in the upper 30s or GASP: 40 units! In one day! ...more

Hope you don’t mind sleeping at your doctor’s office….

If you’ve noticed I haven’t been blogging much these days, it’s because I actually now live at my doctor’s office. I have packed an overnight bag and some snacks and I now just literally live inside her office, strapped to one machine or another, giving blood samples for one reason or another, and generally habitating at the clinic. I’m going to start taking conference calls there and maybe set up some sort of kiosk to get more work done ....more