The flight home from Stockholm on Sunday was an uneventful one, which is always a good thing when it comes to air travel. I watched three movies on the plane: Jersey Boys, The Other Woman, and Million Dollar Arm. Liked all of them, too ....more

My last day in Stockholm

It’s late Saturday afternoon and in a short while, my son and I are heading to the local market to pick up a few munchies for dinner. We’re having El & Seamus over later and it’s my last night here. Today, we took the ‘Archipelago Tour’ on the SS Stockholm through Stromma tours and it was fantastic ....more

Beautiful Stockholm

My trip to Stockholm continues and although I missed Thanksgiving and family at home, I still managed to have a very nice time. Yesterday evening, our relatives arrived and we met them for drinks at the Gold Bar at their hotel. It was very top shelf, as a friend of mine would say ....more

Art in the Stockholm subways

Before I came to Stockholm, I was making a mental list of things I wanted to do and see and the art work in the subway system was one of them. Yesterday I spent several hours riding the rails and getting off when I saw an interesting spot. I took the blue line from T-Centralen and rode up toward Akala, getting off at Kista and then heading back south ....more

Sunsets and Skogskyrkogarden

Yesterday was spent in almost full motion. I had a plan to visit Skogskyrkogarden, the Woodland Cemetery I had heard my son talk about. He had visited it on All Saints Day, which is a big deal here in Sweden ....more

A Sunday in Stockholm

I am writing this on Monday at 1:30 PM from Stockholm Sweden. It’s a cloudy/rainy day and it has already begun to get dark. I’m on my own today, as my son is working ....more

Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden

It is early morning as I write, and the streets of the city are quiet. I arrived yesterday very early and my son met me at the train – a 20 minute ride on the train from Arlanda Airport. On the advice of many, in order to avoid jetlag, I took a 2-hour nap and woke up wanting to sleep the day away ....more

New beginnings

It’s early afternoon on a cloudy Sunday in Maryland as I write this. My knee feels much better but is still not good and I want to thank everyone for the advice on the cortisone shot. I leave late this week for Stockholm and I really want to be able to walk around just a bit ....more

Take it easy

It’s early evening and I’ve just finished dinner. My son brought home a Hawaiian pizza tonight and oh my, was it ever tasty. I am tossing an old and quite worn toy for a certain border collie who just can’t get enough of his super squirrel ....more

You’re like fallen leaves in an autumn night

Hello, my friends. It’s been an absolutely stellar weekend here in Maryland, with mild temperatures and abundant sunshine. The nights have been just cool enough to close all the windows ....more