Tales of the Trees

My name is Megan and I am a twenty something wife and mom. I started blogging in 2007 on a whim and now find myself blogging about random stories from life, my faith, family memories and anything and everything in between!

Bumps in the Flight

I hate flying.Before college I had only flown once. During college I started flying more for various trips, and each time I flew I hated it. ...more

I've often heard

I've often heard that saying about how having children is like wearing your heart on the outside of your body ....more

Happy Pi Day AKA My Birthday

Today, March 14th is my birthday. Obviously this has been my birthday my whole life (that was the most obvious statement ever) but for some reason in the past several years people have started calling it Pi day.I do understand why, because 3.14, BUT where did this come from? I swear people didn't say it when I was growing up ....more

Baby #3 Unnecessary Necessities

I titled this post Unnecessary Necessities, which is totally an oxymoron, but by baby #3 there really aren't any products that I need need. However there are a lot of products that I want want. So they are pretty much necessities but not necessarily necessary ....more

Show us Your Life Introduction

I was excited when I saw that Kelly was hosting her weekly "Show us your Life" series again. As I've said a million times I always have good intentions of getting back into the swing of things with my blog and then EVERYTHING ELSE takes priority. But for some reason I'm good at doing these link ups so I think this will definitely help me with blogging more ....more

Final Weeks of Pregnancy

Well here we are in the homestretch of my last pregnancy.I'm 38 weeks with Baby Tree #3 and we are all very ready to meet him.I'm feeling all those final pregnancy feelings. I definitely have discomfort, heartburn, and I'm getting up to pee 40 times in one night, but more than anything I'm so anxious to meet our baby boy.Almost eight years ago Luke and I went on our honeymoon and had a blast, but by the end of it we were so ready to go home and start our life together. Prior to our wedding we didn't live together so we had no idea what it would be like ....more

The Stop Light

The other night, Luke and I were able to sneak away from the house and kids and go out for some dessert and talking without interruptions. I brought my 2016 Dream Sheets that I got off of Jennie Allen's blog to go over with Luke. I filled these out the first week of the new year and I absolutely loved the way they made me look back over my past year ....more

On Working Out and Pregnancy

Can we talk about something for a minute? I want to share my thoughts on working out while pregnant. I know nobody likes to even talk about working out normally let alone while pregnant but I have some things to discuss.First of all I feel like pregnancy is this giant science experiment ....more

Get ready for Three

Two years ago I wrote a post for What to Expect regarding my thoughts on becoming a mom of two.And now here we are, 24 months later two kids under my belt and one in my belly, getting ready to meet us here in a few months and I'm going through some of those same thoughts.Some of them. Not all. In ways I'm wiser ....more