Her Ethiopian Brother -- Kidding!

So I shouldn't joke about this, but I can't resist....more

Sibling Slumber Party

My oldest son was away this past weekend at a middle school retreat with our church youth group....more

The Weeks are Flying By!

Wow, another Friday, already....more

When Ebola Comes to Dallas, Texas

I took an infectious diseases class in college where I actually did a term paper on Ebola, that is one of many reasons I've been closely following the heartbreaking outbreak in West Africa....more

Family Adventure Day

The kids had a fall holiday from school on Friday so on Saturday we set off for "Family Adventure Day". We loaded all 6 bikes on the SUV, packed a picnic lunch, grabbed some donuts and kloaches for breakfast and headed west a couple hours to a state park with some waterfalls that we'd never been to before....more

The Cardboard Box is in the "Toy Hall of Fame"

Did you know there was such thing as a "Toy Hall of Fame"?And would you have guessed the cardboard box had a spot in it?Yes, it does!...more

Running with My Daughter

The third week of the school year, I attended parent night and sat in my 4th grade daughter's desk as her teacher shared about what to expect for the year....more

I Took Four Kids to the Dentist, Kinda Thinking I Deserved A Goody Bag!

The kids had early dismissal from school yesterday, so I took all 4 of them to the dentist for check-ups and cleanings....more

Giving My Children Omega 3 Fish Oil

Let me start off by saying I am not a medical doctor....more

One Hard-Working Dog

One day last week my husband had jury duty and needed to be downtown at 8am....more