Children’s book: Abigail the Whale

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Children’s book: Ada Twist, Scientist

Ada Twist, Scientist! Ada the scientist is a little girl of color who asks her parents a zillion questions. She is full of energy, makes messes all over and is burning to explore the world around her fueled by one simple question: WHY? ...more

Tidying and cookies

I asked Min for one hour to myself so I could continue decluttering my bedroom using the Kon Marie Method. He gently ushered Gilli to their room where he and Gilli played and Min “read” books to Gilli for the entire hour. When Min was little – from the time he started eating food until […] ...more

Not a box

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Three and a half

My sweet boy, three and a half years old. These last six months were hard. We had a lot of battles and there were a lot of tears ....more

Kids Book: The New Small Person (Lauren Child)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book, ‘The New Small Person’, by Lauren Child. Min picked it out at the library this morning. It is the FIRST book I’ve come across about adjusting to life with a new sibling with brown-skinned characters! ...more

Library time

Both boys need haircuts, but first library books. Tweet ...more

Cookbook: Hyderabadi Khasa

YASSS! 2017 cooking game is about to be LIT! My mom’s aunt in Hyderabad, India is an extraordinary chef, baker, culinary artist and teacher ....more