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Ashley Urke strives to encourage women with her passion and heart for the home. At Domestic Fashionista you will find creative but realistic solutions for the everyday woman who desires to bring tangible beauty into their life and home. Her hope is that women will leave encouraged to take care of their home in a way that is meaningful and a blessing to others. Domestic Fashionista is written to inspire "creative homemaking for the modern day woman." Ashley currently lives in Sacramento, California with her husband Brent. She graduated from William Jessup University with her Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies and Bible and Theology. Her work at Domestic Fashionista has been featured around the web on popular websites like Better Homes and Garden, Seventeen Magazine, and She Knows Home and Garden.

Introducing Our Baby Boy | Our Labor Story

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Preparing the House for Baby: Dining Room

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Making a Quilt with My Nephew

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Neutral Gray and White Boy Nursery

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Our Last Days Together

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Baby's First Year: A Baby Book

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