Electric fencing is a pain in the ASS!

I’m really unimpressed with electric fencing. We already decided that we wanted permanent fencing for our “barnyard” where the barn animals will have free rein. Heck, we even invested in the rolls of fencing and it’s laying out in the grass near the area that needs fenced in ....more

Meeting Winnie, running over a lamb and shock fencing…

Last week was a roller coaster, we are still reeling from it. You see we were pointed in the direction of a homeless livestock guardian dog. We’ve known we needed one since our beloved family dog lost her life last fall ....more

Wildlife Encounters on the Homestead: The American Mink

My little farm girl found a mink this morning… a live one in our chicken coop. It was snacking on the necks of 8 ducklings and two chickens. It looked at her and stayed perfectly still ....more

The kiddos milked our dry goat, we got 1 pint!

Yesterday my three and five year old girls joined me at the milking stand. “I want a turn!” they each announced. You see, I had our Alpine goat, Pop tart, up on the milking stand ....more

Life, death & kids…

Country life is full of life and death encounters. It’s one of the great perks of farm living in my opinion. Some would disagree I suppose but either way it brings perfect “teaching moments” for the kids ....more

Our goat herd grows…

We found ourselves another milk goat, one in milk! I was getting pretty panicky after getting a confirmatory negative pregnancy test on our Alpine dairy goat recently. Buttercup, our new goat, found her way to our home a...more

On the hunt for an in milk dairy goat near Southern, Illinois…

Our family is new to goat ownership. Taking on a dairy goat was more about necessity than our...more

My experience with a sudden lump on my dairy goat- It’s NOT Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL)!

Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) is a chronic contagious disease affecting mainly sheep and goats This disease is also called pseudotuberculosis or often “abscesses,” and has been referred to as the curse of the goat industry throughout the world. The locations shown in the photo are where CL lumps typically appear. On Feb 11th I noticed a lump just below my doe’s ear and chatted with my livestock owning friends about it ....more

Crazy chicken lady in the making?

I’m pretty excited about my chicken breeding program. So excited that I went and got 22 more chicks this week for the homestead. Our total number of chickens is now 59, yep fifty nine chickens! ...more

The Double-Toot That Went Flat

A fun & very funny way to ask for a replacement product… My husband wrote a letter about a defective product. He read it aloud to...more