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I'm a 30- year-old mother of fraternal twins, Aaron and Jillian. I started my blog to keep in touch with family and friends around the US and then became addicted. Now I write about my family's journey to healthy eating, my running and just the random things we do in the land of the mouse. Check me out at


In a Corral Far Far Away - Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

I mean this race only happened on April 23rd and I'm just now writing about it...yikes! I normally do not run long distance races at this point in the year because a) it's hot b) it's humid and c) it's hot and humid. However, this year the half fell on my birthday ...more

Therapy Running

This past year has been, by far, the most challenging year I have had as a wife, mother, and well, quite frankly, as a human being. I'm not even being a little dramatic, this past year just killed me mentally.I honestly don't know how I coped with things prior to running because this past year that's the only way I coped. I cannot tell you how many miles ended in tears, moments of satisfaction or just moments that told me it was going to be okay.A couple weeks ago I laced up my shoes after quite possibly one of the worst mornings of my life ....more

Princess Weekend 2017 - 10k and Half

So it's been a while since the race...a long while...I know.... Here's a quick photo recap and some thoughts on the races. For the past couple of years we have kept with our Alice in Wonderland theme ....more

Princess Weekend 2017 - Expo & 5k

Ah Princess weekend. The weekend where my sister, niece and I descend upon WDW for a weekend of running, popcorn, and shenanigans. This year my parents joined in on the fun and my brother happened to be there as well for a golf trip....more

Find Your Tribe

Yet again I have failed in the world of blogging. I have not posted since the marathon and there has definitely been a lot of exciting things happening. I will post about my run streak as well as Princess weekend, but right now I want to write about finding your tribe ....more

WDW Marathon 2017: Non, Je ne regrette rien

Well another marathon weekend has come and gone. I was signed up for the Goofy Challenge which is where you run both the half marathon and the full marathon...back to back like a totally and completely insane person. I'm gonna be honest, I was not ready ....more

2,017 in 2017!

2016 was my lax year for running (and for posting on this blog too, am I right?). I did so much in 2015 to get ready for my first full and then after completing both that and princess, I hit a wall. I thought signing up for Goofy would light my fire, and it did, until it was Shanghaied ....more

What I've Been Up To...

It's been busy over here... We raced for cinnamon rolls in Memphis over Thanksgiving. My little Miss ran with Girls on the Run and I got to be her running buddy! ...more

The Great Chocolate 10 Miler

I am way behind on posting about this race (almost a full month, yikes!). My friend Carrie got me to sign up for the Great Chocolate 10 miler because...chocolate. Yes, they give you a box of Godiva at the finish, so of course I was in ....more

It Just Wasn't My Race....

Last weekend Scott and I got away to the coast for the Lighthouse Loop 5k and Half Marathon. We have not had a weekend away in...a very long time. We spent our afternoon walking the beach ....more