Shoot Me Now!

Mother of three, mom to many.  A complete lack of grace sprinkled with the patience of a saint.

Love my children and love my pets, including two amazing rescued dogs.  Work in Information Services with an A+ certification.  If you don't see me in Hampton Roads you will find me in my home away from home, Corolla NC.  I am truly home when my feet are in the sand and my pockets are filled with sea glass. AND when I have a cup of coffee in my hand.  Or vodka.

I am a working mom with stay-at-home dreams.  I am a blogger, a writer and a rescuer.  Now... can someone come and rescue ME?

Deva Cut, Take Three

You may recall my first Devacurl Deva Cut....more

Returning to 8 Seaview Avenue

When I was in third grade we were stationed in Newport, Rhode Island for a year while my father attended the war college. ...more

Outside the Box

This month’s photo challenge subject is Outside the Box....more

The Money Shot

How many times have you seen a picture that stopped you in your tracks?...more

Friday the 13th Tattoos

Friday the 13th was always my lucky day....more


I haven’t been able to post anything for a few weeks because of blog troubles. ...more

Once a Mom, Always a Mom!

This weekend I was honored to be the guest of my new dear friend Amy Roberts once again. Amy took my daughter and me to The Maymont in Richmond. I don’t believe I have ever visited such a dynamic and unique park! ...more


This month’s photo challenge subject is three....more

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

I knew it would happen. During what my son calls his “heart shenanigans” I had to stay too strong to allow myself anything but a few tears. When I am on Mom duty I am rock solid, saving the melting down for later ....more

Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival

Last week I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to the Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival. I had never been but heard good things about it. I am not one to go to public events, but a tattoo show? ...more