Next time I'm going to write out talking points and do some trills to loosen up before dialing

Does not have an app that automatically mutes the mic when you start to sound stupid. I'm pretty much over my talking-on-the-phone-to-strangers anxiety (now, at the age of 30—although heaven forbid I have to cancel something via telephone), but I just found myself about 15 seconds into leaving a voicemail and just completely fumbled it. I was prepared to talk to a person, where there's some back and forth and I'm not carrying the conversation on my own.Instead: wild, verbal flailing.Is it weirder:1) to just stagger my way through to some sort of cobbled together end? ...more

As a Beans' Rights Activist, I'm against the Whole30

Poor, innocent legume. Who is he hurting? This past holiday season year, I've you say...hoglike ....more

2013 in review

This year, in a nutshell. Love. Everybody wins ....more

The Best Year: Oliver turned 1!

Oliver turned one yesterday. ...more

A supposedly fun thing that I'll definitely do again if it's with Disney

Remarkably good spirits for like 0 o'clock at the airport. Check out Noshember Beardy, also. Classic ....more

I start all mine with the help of Prancing Flame, the pegasus

Noah, stoking the fire, using the wood and charred paper I put in there earlier that never actually caught: What are the three things you have to have to make fire?Me: Water...Noah: ...Me: Not water. I don't know why I said that. Um, tinder.Noah: Yes, but a more generic term would be...Me: Wood.Noah: ...fuel.Me: Number two, oxygen.Noah: Yes, oxygen ....more

Wilsons, bar the door

A few weeks ago, Noah and I started co-reading this book: Isn't that so enlightened of us? We were starting to feel overwhelmed by our schedules—I mean, he has a full-time job and a part-time one with the Navy, to start with—so I thought it'd be good to step back from the majority of our other commitments and use this book to help us figure out what we really want to commit to and what we can let go.Some of the chapters are more applicable than others, especially since the authors employ that most useful self-help literary device: Presenting The Worst Case Scenario to Make a Point. The people at the beginning of each chapter live these horrifyingly abysmal boundaryless lives.In the chapter on creating healthy boundaries with your spouse, the imaginary protagonist (the wife, naturally) was basically married to an alcoholic sociopathic narcissist ....more

The beeeeeaaaaaaaaach! And Noah's latest shenanigans.

Remember the time Noah took a motorcycle class "for fun" and I'm like "but it's not like we have the money for one anyway"? Well. Guess who got on Craigslist ....more

Cancer, Noah's mom, and trying

You longtime readers may recall that Noah's mom had a recurrence of breast cancer after 19 years of living cancer free. That was more than two years ago.She's been through a lot, ya'll. She has metastatic cancerous lesions on her spine ....more

This post by paragraph topic: Cucumber, Motorcycle, Stomach Bug, Poop, Houzz, Beer Pong, Flowers

September 13:"I'm tired as a cucumber!" Ethan exclaimed with delight in his voice as he bounced into our bed at 2:30 in the morning. Oliver's been waking up during the past few nights, which means basically every other mammal in the house wakes up, and last night he did so while also being feverish. No other symptoms, just fever and floppyness/whining.I'm tired as a cucumber, and lucky for me, Noah is taking a motorcycle driving course all ....more