Survival of 2013 and Plans for 2014

It's been a tough year, yo....more

Good Tidings of Great Joy

Christmas was lovely....more

Ham and Other Traditional Traditions

I need to go pick up our Christmas Ham....more

Random on a Wednesday or a Thursday

Bitsy just climbed into a laundry basket so she could climb onto the couch....more

Thankful Set Two

I'm thankful for an amazing new doctor....more

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

And my fireplace is a sad excuse for a wind tunnel....more

Weekends With the Girls

Our weekends are weird....more

Oh, You Know...Just Hanging Out

We've had some rough nights around here lately....more

Bitsy's Faves

Bitsy's Faves by timeoutmomma on Polyvore As our baby girl has grown in the last 12 months, so has my blog time....more