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My name is Marie and I'm a bookseller and a published NBCC reviewer. I'm also a trained librarian. I read and review current and backlist literary fiction, crime fiction, thrillers, occasionally science fiction, and narrative nonfiction.

7th Blogiversary and Big News

Happy Blogiversary to me! Seven years, wow. I love you guys ....more

Throwback Thursday Review: THE FORGIVEN, by Lawrence Osborne

REVIEW: The Forgiven, by Lawrence Osborne The Forgiven, by Lawrence Osborne. Published 2012 by Hogarth Press. ISBN 978-0307889034....more

Review: CLIMATES, by Andre Maurois

Climates, by Andre Maurois. Published 2012 by Other Press.Climates was originally published in 1928 but not brought out in English until 2012. Author Andre Maurois was an acclaimed biographer, historian and writer who wore many hats; this novel is a somewhat melodramatic story of a marriage, or two marriages, each destined to founder due to nothing more than the vagaries of the human heart.The novel is told in two parts, the first from the point of view of French industrialist Philippe Marcenat, who falls in love with the mercurial, beautiful Odile and makes her his wife ....more

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Whew. Well, as predicted I finished a few books at once this past week. I finished and reviewed Alan Hollinghurst's magnificent The Line of Beauty; what a book ....more

Review: THE LINE OF BEAUTY, by Alan Hollinghurst

The Line of Beauty, by Alan Hollinghurst. Originally published 2005 by Bloomsbury USA. 2004 winner of the Man Booker Prize.Reading a book like Alan Hollinghurst's The Line of Beauty really spoils you for other books, and no matter when you read it, you wonder what took you so long to get around to this luminous, sad and melancholy treasure.Set in the 1980s among the political and social elite of London, it's basically a coming of age story about a character named Nick Guest, a gay man living in the home of his Oxford friend Toby Fedden ....more

Take This Man, by Alice Zeniter

Take This Man, by Alice Zeniter. Published 2010 by Europa Editions.Sometimes I think Europa ought to take a handful of its titles- just a handful- and try pitching them to a Young-Adult or New-Adult audience because I bet some titles would work well for that demographic, and they never get to those readers because they are shelved and marketed as adult literary fiction. Given that the distinction is often one of marketing and not merit, since YA is used to distinguish many fine novels by audience, books often miss appreciative readers because of where they are shelved ....more

A Challenge for Challenge Blogs

I participate and/or manage two group blogs- the Complete Booker Challenge, where I'm a participant, and the Complete Europa Challenge, which I started with a friend (who no longer participates) several years ago. Both blogs have been extremely active in the past- lots of members, frequent posts, etc., but in the past year or so participation in both has dropped off. The new manager of the Booker blog is looking for ideas, and so am I ....more

Review: DOUBLE NEGATIVE, by Ivan Vladislavić

Double Negative, by Ivan Vladislavić. Published 2013 by And Other Stories Press.A while back the publisher of And Other Stories Press came to visit the bookstore where I work, to tell us about his company and the kinds of books they publish. And Other Stories is a small press based in London which specializes in translations and literary fiction- in other words, just the kinds of things I read ....more

What's New On The Shelf?

I don't have any new reads to tell you about- I'm still reading all the same books I was reading last week (maybe I need to just read one book at a time?) so I thought I would tell you about some new things that I've bought or found lying around. Red Joan, by Jennie Rooney, is a newish book from Europa Editions based on a true spy story, about an elderly woman who was found to be one of the oldest living KGB operatives at age 87. It sounds really great! ...more

ThrowBack Thursday Review: THE LAST POLICEMAN, by Ben H. Winters

The Last Policeman, by Ben H. Winters. Published 2013 by Quirk Books.The Last Policeman is the first of a trilogy and tells the story of Concord, New Hampshire detective Henry Palace, recently promoted after 15 months on the force ....more