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My name is Marie and I'm a bookseller and a published NBCC reviewer. I'm also a trained librarian. I read and review current and backlist literary fiction, crime fiction, thrillers, occasionally science fiction, and narrative nonfiction.


The Literary Conference, by César Aira. Published 2010 by New Directions. Translated from the Spanish by Katherine Silver.Argentine author César Aira's 2010 gem of science fiction hilarity is about a wealthy scientist who wants to take over the world by cloning the late Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes ....more

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Well I didn't finish any new books last week but I'm almost done with Andrew Sean Greer's delightful Less, about a man about to turn fifty and what happens when you decide to travel around the world to avoid your feelings. It's a fun and emotional read.Still enjoying The Romanov Sisters, by Helen Rappaport, about the doomed Romanov family and their daily life. Rappaport focuses on the intimate life of the last tsar and his family and creates a melancholy picture of ordinary people born to extraordinary circumstances.Finally I'm nearing the end of Theft by Finding, David Sedaris's latest book, composed of diary entries ....more

My All-Time Top Nine Blog Posts- Blogiversary Edition

My top nine most-viewed posts aren't what I would have predicted but it's really neat to see what you all are interested in reading. I don't have sponsor links on my reviews, so it's impossible to say which reviews have generated the most sales (if any) but here we go with my top nine.Why nine? Because that's what Blogger will give me in terms of statistics.The most-viewed review on my blog is The Master and Margarita: the Graphic Novel, by Mikhail Bulgakov and art by Andrzej Kimowski and Danusia Scheibal ....more

Women in Translation Month

August is Women in Translation Month; all around the bookish world you will see displays, blog posts, Instagram stuff and lots of articles and conversation about books by women translated into English, or women translators- or both.In 2015 I posted about some of my favorite translated women; here is that list. In the last two years I've added a couple of names to that favorites list:Therese Bohman is a Swedish writer who turns out reliably good thrillers. The latest to be translated into English is The Other Woman, about a young woman who gets involved in an affair with a married man ....more

Review: SEE WHAT I HAVE DONE, by Sarah Schmidt

See What I Have Done, by Sarah Schmidt. Published 2017 by Atlantic Monthly Press. Literary Fiction ....more

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I finished two books this week- Smoke, by Dan Vyleta, and Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann. Valley of the Dolls is a classic and Smoke is a great summer read- and it just came out in paperback. So pick up both for the beach and you'll be all set ....more

Bookish Bucket List: Blogiversary Edition

As I approach my ten-year blogiversary (yes, it's been that long!) I've been looking back over some things I've had the chance to do and thinking about the things I'd still like to do. Bookish Bucket List items I have achieved: See a blurb from one of my reviews appear in a book (The City and The City, by China Mieville) Visit a publisher's offices and meet the staff that makes the magic (Europa Editions, Other Press) Collect signed first editions of Margaret Atwood's books Complete my collection of...more

Review: THE END OF EDDY, by Édouard Louis

The End of Eddy, by Édouard Louis. Published 2017 by FSG. Literary Fiction ....more

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I finished Why I Am Not a Feminist, by Jessa Crispin, last week, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It's a quick read- it took me about two hours on a stationary bike over the course of two days- but I have a feeling I'll go back to it again. Next up at the gym starting Wednesday is The Possessed, by Elif Batuman, which I've been meaning to read forever ....more

Review: BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS, by Lawrence Osborne

Beautiful Animals, by Lawrence Osborne. Published 2017 by Hogarth/Crown/Random House. Literary Fiction ....more