Sweet Basil

I'm a wife to a masters degree student, a mother to 2. We enjoy spending time as a family and especially traveling together. My husband and I love to cook and entertain. We are all about bringing people back into the kitchen together. I grew up in Vancouver, Washington and now reside in Lehi, Utah.  I was a double major in spanish language and health science. I taught pilates, yoga and personal trained since I was about 17 and still enjoy being active and staying fit.

Slow Cooker Roast

Tell me that you are pro slow cooker like we are. It’s not just a winter thing either, we love using a slow cooker all year round. In fact, especially lately I feel like I’m trying to find all new ways to make my recipes in a slow cooker just because it makes my life so easy ....more

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers Soup

Remember how I instagrammed about the stuffed peppers quinoa casserole that turned out really yummy and then ended up making the leftovers into a soup which I didn’t expect to turn out awesome so I didn’t photograph it? Well, we all know it did turn out awesome and I promised to recreate it for all of you who were dying to get the recipe, but then I forgot and the quinoa stuffed peppers soup slipped into the past. Until now that is… I finally remembered to buy peppers so I could recreate the recipe! ...more

M&M Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark

I’m going to go ahead and call a trend in the food world and I hope you all will jump on the bandwagon here, it’s all about the pretzels this year! Or heading into 2015 I should say. And if you’d like you can even turn up “It’s all about the bass” and start jamming out with pretzels in the lyrics instead ....more

Whole Wheat Potato Rolls

I just want to say that while some people beat themselves up about their parenting and the mistakes they make or how exhausting it is I am pretty sure I am rocking it as a mom. GASP! These whole wheat potato rolls are kind of all the proof you need ....more

Upside Down Pizza Casserole

This upside pizza casserole recipe is an older post that we used to make fairly often and slowly with time we forgot about it. At least until this fall. It’s come back into our lives so I took new photos and popped it back up here just so you could enjoy it too! ...more

Sticky Buns Monkey Bread

You guys which one is it? I say sticky buns which I like for many reasons, one being the most important and most immature, “sticky buns”. Haha, someone has sticky buns ....more

Easy Hoagie Rolls

I’m ready for it. Go ahead and let me have it about how darn long I took to post our easy hoagie rolls recipe. And if you’re new here I’ll let you in on my story ....more

Lemon Jello Cake

Hey guys! It’s Sarah again, yes that one that’s trying to adopt with your help (love us, share us!) and today we are getting a little crazy. I got so excited about this recipe that...more

Pumpkin Spice White Chocolate Cookies

I’ve been sitting here trying to decide if I should post this recipe and if I do how to break the news to you that it’s another pumpkin recipe. I feel like I’ll be blocking punches for posting about pumpkin again, but then again, ’tis the season, right? Right?! ...more

Churro Popcorn

Wait! We interrupt this delicious program for an IMPORTANT announcement. Before we talk about churro popcorn I’m going to fill you in on the newest craze ....more