Mille Fiori Favoriti

I'm a native New Yorker newly transplanted to the beautiful state of Colorado, where I intend to bloom even more beautifully. I enjoy blogging about all the special places and events that I find in my new state, and about my adjustment to mile high living. I am also a world traveler, avid photographer and I love to cook!

Frosty Beauty

A few weeks ago we had an "Arctic Blast" of unusually cold weather overnight. ...more

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site on the Santa Fe Trail

One of the most evocative places to visit for history buffs of the Old West is Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site located on the plains of SE Colorado, just outside the town of La Junta. This reconstructed trading post was the last United States outpost for travelers before they would cross the Arkansas River and enter what was then a territory of Mexico, now New Mexico. The fort was originally built in 1833-34 by brothers Charles and William Bent, and Ceran St Vrain, as a trading post for the Native American fur trade ....more

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

A week before Christmas, my husband and I visited the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder, Colorado to enjoy lunch. The teahouse is located along Boulder Creek in the Central park area of Boulder. ...more

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! ...more

Merry Christmas to All!

Every year I bake an assortment of cookies to share and enjoy during Christmas and well into the New Year. ...more

Nonna's Savory Calabrian Zeppole

The Christmas season is such a busy time of the year, but it is also a time for recreating wonderful traditions and adding on new ones. One tradition my husband and I have reinstated, after moving to Colorado from New York City four years ago, is making savory, fried potato dough taste treats called Zeppole. They are Calabrian style, and not to be confused with the sweet doughnut type that are also served warm and covered with powdered sugar, which is more Roman or Neapolitan style, and often sold at Italian street festivals ....more

Oh What Fun!

I'm late sharing photos of our Thanksgiving celebration, and my daughter's birthday that happened to fall on the same day this year. My son and family were celebrating at his in-laws, so our celebration was smaller this year, with just my daughter and family and a neighbor friend. ...more

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site

This past spring my husband and I took a road trip to SE Colorado to visit The Great Sand Dunes National Park--click here to read that post--and we decided to visit two National Historical sites on our way back home. One was of these sites was the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site located in Kiowa County, near Eads, on the great high plains of Colorado. This site is sacred, controversial, symbolic and a reminder of a national tragedy that happened on November 29, 1864 ....more

Thanksgiving Gratitude

This Thursday will be Thanksgiving in the United States, a day most families gather together to give thanks for all their blessings and to enjoy a delicious dinner. ...more

Carousel of Happiness

Current stressful political events in the USA made me think about a person who utilized their personal stress and sadness to do good, and to add happiness to the world in a small but valuable way. ...more