White On Rice Couple

We are professional photographers who celebrate good food, great conversation, green gardening and traveling. For us,our lives have always been about love, family, friends, sharing, exploring & food. These four essentials of survival brought us together & eventually became the basic ingredients to molding our different backgrounds and personalities into one balanced dish

Baked Milk Chicken Thighs

It’s finally cold outside. The kind of cold that we Southern Californian’s don’t often get, around 45 degrees F at night. For us, that’s enough chill to have everyone put on our “heavy” winter sweaters and cozy up to a cup of hot tea or coffee ....more

{Video} Leftover Thanksgiving Galette

We all have leftovers after Thanksgiving feast and at some point, we might all be tired of sandwiches. That’s why we’re making a galette with all the leftover turkey and trimmings. And gosh, it’s so easy to make ....more

Our Favorite Hokolo Giveaway on Great.ly and A Great Baked Egg Breakfast

It’s not very often that we share giveaways here on the blog because we really have to get super excited about new products that are unique and different. There’s so much great hand made products out there, it’s hard to decide what to write about. So much great shopping, so little time! ...more

Japanese Yuzu Sherbet Recipe & Eating In-Flight with ANA

Hi Friends, we’re back from a beautifully-chilly winter in Tokyo and it feels so great to be back home where it’s a consistent 75 degrees F. Funny how spoiled we are when we’re able to head to the dog-beach for weekly romps in the Southern California Pacific Ocean. We feel so lucky to hop on a plane for work, explore new cultures, foods, traditions and come back to share our adventures with you ....more

What’s it like to eat at Tsukiji outer market? A Video for you to taste.

Hello from gorgeous Tokyo! We’re here for a week on...more

Fluffy Japanese Cotton Cheesecake and a Tokyo Feasting Trip

Funny how when you think or visualize of something you want, it happens. Stay focused and consumed with making things happen, it’ll become a reality. During the holidays we were talking about the “gut” feeling of going on a trip in early 2015 ....more

Killer Sweet and Sriracha Spicy Oven Roast Pulled Pork

This week has been like a hurricane. In fact, the whole month of January feels like it disappeared in a flash. We’ve been fortunate to be working on some amazing projects and wonderful clients, but seriously, where did this month go to? ...more

Sweet & Sticky Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Strips

Funny how scary fish sauce can be to some folks. That’s why some of you were a little cautious about trying our recent sticky fish sauce chicken wings recipe. It’s certainly an ingredient that needs to be slowly introduced ....more

Cream Puffs with Fluffy Creamed Meyer Lemon Curd

It’s this time of year that we’re raining citrus in Southern California. Over the course of our gardening journey, we’ve become a little greedy. Call us hoarding if you wish, but what ever the confession is, we’ve always been obsessed with citrus, especially meyer lemons ....more

Todd & Diane’s Sticky Fish Sauce Chicken Wings

You might need some extra hand wipes for this post. Or you just might want to skip this recipe all together because the thought of fish sauce makes you scrunch your nose and cringe. If you love chicken wings, but you’re not a fan of fish sauce, please wait ....more